“What color should I paint my room?”  This is a very common question asked around not only friends and family, but the internet too!  Many people will say, “your favorite color,” but before you go paint your room hot pink, take some time to really think about it and consider these questions.


What Color is Your Furniture? - Unless you are planning on getting new furniture in the near future, choosing a color of paint that goes well with your furniture color and style will be an important factor in your decision.  There is no real formula to decide what colors of paint go with what color furniture, but just keep this in mind as you go through the next questions.


What Mood Do You Want Your Room to Have? - Different colors effect people in different ways.  These are the moods that most people associate with common colors:

Black - Black is a very extreme color of authority and power.  Many people don’t paint their walls black due to it making your room very dark.  An upside to having a black room is for people that hate any sort of light while they’re sleeping, it will keep light to a minimum.

White - While is the color of purity and innocence.  It bounces light off the walls, making it an ideal summer color and it matches every color.  A downside is that any little bit of dirt shows clearly on the walls.

Red - Red is a very intense color and stimulates a faster heartbeat.  Because of that intensity, red is often only used in accents.  

Pink - Pink is an intense, energy draining color.  It can be hard on the eyes if in the room for long periods of time, and it will literally make you feel more tired.

Blue - Blue is one of the most popular colors.  It is very peaceful, and people often associate it with the ocean and sky.  If you are looking for a very peaceful and relaxing feel to your room, blue might be the way to go.

Green - The most popular decorating color, green provides the same calming effect as blue and symbolizes nature.  People looking for a natural, calm feel in their room should consider green.

Yellow - Yellow can be used for two very different purposes.  Bright yellow, is a very intense color and can be hard on the eyes if you stay in the room too long.  Light, pale yellow on the other hand is more relaxing and is great at reflecting afternoon sun.

Purple - The color of royalty, purple is a good color for a room with a majestic feel.  It also symbolizes romance.

Brown - Brown can be taken as a sad color.  Other people associate brown with reliability, and the earth due to it’s abundance in nature.

What is Your Favorite Color? - Even if it doesn’t fit the “mood” of the room, this is your room we’re talking about, so make sure you love it.  If you want your room to be your favorite color, by all means do so!

Hopefully, you now have at least some idea of what color you want to paint your room.  Sometimes it is good to look online at pictures of different rooms, and model yours after one of them.  Also, there are some tools online that you can take a picture of your room, and it will automatically change the color of your walls in the picture, so you can experiment and try out different schemes.  Although choosing a color for your room can be somewhat stressful, remember to try and have fun and think about how much you will love the new look of your room!