Even before you begin any viral launch, make a set of metrics and goals you can use to keep yourself on track. This can come from traffic, sales, leads or links. What do you seek to get out of your viral marketing campaign? You can only learn from your mistakes if you know what they are through quantifiable measures. Consider the following on what to do after a viral marketing campaign.

Listen to Your Feedback
I'll agree that there are few things more painful than pouring through an endless stream of comments left by Internet nerds, but you'll find some useful feedback in all the deluge. Make a note of any repeated trends on the comments that are actually constructive. These provide great learning opportunities when you sit down to plan your next viral marketing campaign. Some may be meaningless dribble, but you can often spot the elements that don't sit well with your audience. If you need to take it all with a grain of salt, wash it down with a shot of tequila.

Analyze the Details
Make a note of the small details such as the time of day when your piece went viral or the day that it did. How long did it take to reach critical mass on particular social sites? Do you get more Tweets over Diggs and why? Each campaign works differently, but each can help you execute the next one. Form the best strategy that works for you. For additional assistance in getting your name out, find a directory listing service to help market your company.

Examine the Traffic
There are two areas of traffic you need to pay attention to. First, look at the traffic counts you got from the social sites and blogs you targeted. Next, look at the traffic that came from the sites you never expected. It's nice to know what to expect of your goal sites, but the real gold comes in the surprise hits you didn't expect. Don't limit yourself in a web community that has no limits. If you ranked well for a site, try to hit it with even better results next time. You'll be amazed by how many different sites will discover your campaign and lead to greater success. Anything is possible.