Working in a competitive environment like in the Los Angeles region will certainly be helpful to employees who want to achieve success at a younger age. It will help them strive harder and be a go-getter in the competitive world of their chosen industry.

However, these dreams and aspirations are blocked by corrupt practices in the office as well as the personal bias of the employer or a supervisor. Victims of these unfair treatments can go to Los Angeles labor attorneys who will determine the violation of the worker's rights.

Be sure to seek the advice of these lawyers as you have been discriminated against if you are:

  • Constantly taunted and teased for your age, color, gender, race, and other similar attributes
  • Rejected from promotions or demoted because you are under any of the protected classes
  • Harassed and receive sexually suggestive written or printed materials
  • Terminated to be replaced by someone who is not a member of the protected classes
  • Demoted to give way to workers preferred for their age, sex, color, and race
  • Not getting good work assignments because you are a member of the protected class
  • Disqualified from the job position without bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ) justification

According to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws, victims of discrimination will be receiving back pays as well as their previous job positions if they were wrongfully terminated or demoted because of the discrimination.

Aside from this, the company would also have to stop their discriminatory practices and may even pay fines for their offenses. The company might even be forced to conduct trainings and seminars that will enlighten their workers regarding discrimination and their rights as an employee.

Bona Fide Occupational Qualification

The BFOQs allow employers to choose certain job applicants who possess the attributes that should promote the good operation of the company.

For example, if an owner of women's clothing store decided that she would hire only female applicants so that customers can be comfortable, then, male applicants can't allege discrimination. If a female applicant, however, is rejected because of her age or race, then, they may be eligible to file a complaint.

A lot of victims are hesitant to go against the company owner as it may permanently strain their working relationship. But, keep in mind that you cannot be retaliated against for these complaints. If you are, then, find a Los Angeles discrimination lawyer who will study your case and determine whether you have been retaliated against for your discrimination complaint.