ThCrafts to Make and Sell(132398)Credit: morguefile.comere is always that question, of what crafts to make? when deciding on a craft for your craft business, craft show, or for a special gift.

My personal experience with selling crafts, especially in the economy right now, is something that can be useful. Rather than something that will sit on the shelf and collect dust.

Many people are cleaning out, and getting rid of clutter, and they just don't need anymore "things" that don't do anything but sit there. As nice and as detailed as your craft may be, it can be a hard sell, if it really doesn't have a purpose.

So, back to what crafts to make?

Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

Think recycling.. Think of ways to recycle, reduce and reuse.. "Green" is in, as people try not to create a huge footprint in the environment, so if you can come up with crafts that recycle or reuse, and are useful and yet unique, then you will be profitable.

Here are some ideas that have been selling well at recent craft shows, and online.

1. Tote Bags - With the grocery stores wanting to reduce plastic bag waste, they are encouraging customers to bring their own bags.

Make a tote bag, from old jeans, or canvas, or something that can be decorated and still be washable. (that part is important) This way, it can still be "art" and yet functional. A potential customer will still feel like they are buying something unique that they can show off while doing the groceries.

2. Anything for pets, such as pet beds made from denim> click the link to see how to make a denim pet bed.

3. Quilts still do well, especially if you create something with the quilt, such as quilted jackets, scarves etc

4. Knitted mitts and scarves were still doing very well, especially with some of those thicker wools. A friend of mine, unravels old heavy sweaters that have seen better days and she knits mittens with them and sells them. This is definitely recycling!


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Find books with lots of pictures to get your imagination moving.

What Crafts to Make - Ideas

5. Home made jewelry, especially if you take some of those older pieces from estate sales, or broken jewelry from your mom or grandma that is sitting around, and create something new again. Big costume jewelry is in right now. This also saves you on the cost of supplies.

Hopefully, the above ideas have inspired you. So the next time the question "What crafts to make?" comes to mind again, remember to think recycling.

My grandma once told me, that in her day, nothing was thrown out, unless it could be used at least twice for something. Old t-shirts were used for cleaning or rags, and clothes were turned to quilts, and you always brought your own bag to the grocers, and clothes were passed down.

She too, has unraveled old sweaters and knitwear to make something else. She said it is easy to do, and yet, many people will just get rid of them. But some of those older sweaters contained a lot of wool, and she would knit something new again.

Well, I am finding at craft shows, people are looking to find something unique and original but want more for their spending dollar, they want something useful.

So, keep that in mind, and you may find if you switch gears a bit with your crafts, and look at things just a bit differently (think outside the box) then you will profit from your crafts, whether online or offline.

What crafts to make for selling online?.. If you sell crafts online, it is best to stick to ones that can mail easy, such as mitts, tote bags, jewelry and such, as the price of shipping has gone up, and if you want to attract purchasers online, you need to sell crafts that mail easy.

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