New parents are increasingly concerned with the cleaning supplies used around their house, especially what detergent to use on baby toys. There are many cleaning supplies that employ harsh chemicals that are not intended to come into contact with young children or babies. Check out the short list below for what detergent to use on baby toys.

Seventh Generation Dish Soap

Seventh Generation is the detergent I use to clean my baby toys. I buy a lot of their products and enjoy using them. Their cleaning products regularly get scores of at least 8 on the website Good Guide. This website helps consumers determine the healthfulness of the everyday products they purchase for their home. The scoring scales are out of ten. When considering what detergent to use on baby toys I suggest you consider Seventh Generation dish soap first. It’s cleaning agents are derived from coconut oil (for most of their products). Most importantly, they disclose all of the products ingredients on the label. Their most popular dish soap scent is Lavender but any will do fine.

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

Dr. Bronner’s concentrated castile soap is quite popular and is used for a plethora of different things. There was even a documentary filmed about Dr. Bronner and his views on wellness and the products he developed. His castile soap comes concentrated and to clean baby toys it can be diluted quite a bit. One tablespoon to a quart is fine. The one thing that turns some people off about this product is that the aroma is very pungent. The peppermint smell is pretty loud even when diluted. If this bothers you, simply dilute further. This product gets great rating from Good Guide and is even ingested by people as a way to cleanse their bodies. Many parents choose Dr. Bronner’s when considering what detergent to use on baby toys.

Earth Friendly Products Dish Liquid

Earth Friendly Products is a relatively new brand that employs very mild detergents. They sell a wide range of products for cleaning around the house. This dish soap received the highest rating on Good Guide and they provide all of the ingredients on their website. Like Seventh Generation they use purified water and coconut oil based surfactants. If you are considering what detergent to use on baby toys, put this at the top of your list. It poses no hazard when ingested or on the skin.

Many parents and childcare professionals wrestle with the question of what detergent to use on baby toys. Hopefully, you were able to use this list to get your baby toys super clean.

Cleaning Childrens ToysCredit: scottchanCredit: scottchan