Once you have bought a car, then you should prepare for the next step which is to get it insured. One of the most common questions that follow is; "What should you look for in an insurance cover?", "What tells you the kind of insurance policy you should buy for your car?" and also, "How can I get an affordable insurance policy?"

To get answers to such questions, you need to be aware of things that a cheap car insurance company look in a client since they are the ones to finally determine whether to cover you or not.

There are several things that car insurance providers consider before giving insurance cover to car owners. First, your sex will be one of the factors that will be used to establish the rate at which you will pay the premiums. Female drivers are charged lower rates than male drivers. The reason being, according to insurance companies experience and research, women drivers are less likely to cause accidents as a result of overtaking, over speeding or driving while drunk. Female drivers are perceived to be responsible when it comes to obeying traffic rules and signs. In other words, female drivers are considered to be safe drivers compared to men. Therefore, female drivers will pay less insurance rates than men.

Your age is another factor that determines the rates. According to insurance companies' experience, motorists are only considered to be safe drivers when they reach a certain age. For example, people between the ages of 40 and 50 are perceived to be safe drivers compared to other ages. The reason is because at this age, people tend to be more mature than those in their teenage years and strong compared to those beyond 50 years of age. What this means is that the chances of finding a cheap car insurance company are slim if you don't belong to the "safe drivers" age group.

Another aspect that is very important when it comes to determining your rate is your driving profile. If your car has signs of knocked parts or you have held numerous tickets to your name, then embrace yourself for higher rates in insurance premiums.

Needless to say, the type of car that you are seeking to insure is also important. Old car models are normally cheaper to insure than modern ones. However, if you have a new model with security features and anti-theft systems installed, then you are most likely going to be given some discounts and finding a cheap car insurance company. If your car doesn't have these, then it is wise to have them installed before insuring it.