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There is so much more to relocating an employee or an entire department that Global Relocation Companies do. They also offer a variety of packages that cater to those who want to relocate, but this will depend largely on what their employers allow as well as the kind of services that can be provided by the relocation company.

Global Relocation Companies not only sells a transferee’s home or finds them a place to relocate within a few days or weeks but they also make sure that there will be no complications in the relocation process. Transferees will arrive to their destination without experiencing any trouble at all. This means that they can work right away without any worries upon their arrival.

Should you have any plans of relocating now or in the near future, it is best to avail the services of relocating companies. It is very important that you know how they operate since they will make an impact on your finances and your life as well.

Some of the things that you should inquire when looking for a relocation company are as follows:

  • Is the company going to pay final costs on both the buy or sell side?
  • Do you, as transferee, have to pay the costs up front? And will this be reimbursed? Or will the relocation company pay these fees straight up?
  • What are the other paper works required by the relocation company? And what of these should you keep?
  • Will the Relocation Company bill you directly for their services or must you pay them right away?
  • How do they choose or select the moving company?
  • Will they allow you to choose the agent you want to deal with? Or does the Relocation Company choose for you?

Aside from that, it is imperative that you ask to have a copy of a written contract along with a summary of the services they provide as well as the conditions and terms they require. Aside from these, it is also very important that you work with a reliable contact person who can assist you through the whole relocation process.

Why do you need the services of Relocation Companies?


Relocating or moving to another place can be a very tiring and stressful ordeal. You have to deal with so many things such as paperwork and have to provide a people with a lot of information over and over again. Added to that, you also get to spend a lot of money for it. But with global relocation companies, you get to move or relocate your business from one place to another without having much disturbance or problem and run a business at the same time.

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Another reason why you need to hire global relocation companies when you relocate or move your business is because of legal matters. If you are moving your business close to where you were originally located, then there won’t be much legal issues to address. If, however, you are moving your business to a far location or let’s say to another country, then there will be so many legal procedures and matters that you have to deal with. There will be new laws and regulations for you to digest, and some of these can be very confusing. Global relocation companies can help you wade through all these legal procedures and matters as they are equipped with the resources to handle the legal aspect of any business.

With global relocation companies, you can run your business while relocating and not worry about anything. They will handle it for you.

Top Relocation Companies


There are many relocation companies around. But you just have to choose the one that offers relocation packages that suit your and your companies’ needs.

Below is a list of the top relocation companies.

  • GMAC Global Relocation Services—when it comes to customer satisfaction, this relocation company ranks highest. A total of 986 transferees responded positively with the kind of service provided by this company when it comes to corporate relocation.
  • Prudential Real Estate—if you’re moving to a new place and need a nice home to move in, Prudential Real Estate will gladly provide you with the best choices of homes in your target place.
  • Altair Global Relocation—this company is woman-owned and offers full-service relocation. This company used to be incorporated as Americorp Inc. in the year 1989. It was only in the year 2005 that the company took on the name Altair Global Relocation.
  • SIRVA relocation—this company offers relocation services to companies, families, corporations and consumers. It provides relocation services to over 1000 families every day in 175 countries worldwide.
  • Cartus –this relocation company used to be known as Primacy Relocation. It not only provides relocation services but it also offers real estate services as well.
  • Wiechert Relocation—this international relocation company is the recognized as the world’s leading Relocation Company that offers full-service relocation packages. It promises to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity by delivering complete workforce mobility solutions.


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If you want to move your company, business, corporation or a department of employees to a new location, then the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective way to do it would be to avail the services of global relocation companies. You can find a lot of these companies online, or you can ask people in the industry about good relocation companies. If a relocation company is recommended to you by a colleague, a friend or an expert, it means that this company can be trusted. The list above features some of the best and trusted relocation companies around.

To cap it all off, relocation companies make everything easy for you—from the whole relocation process to finally getting to your destination. They even take care of any legal concerns that you or your company will face. They make it possible for moving to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience not only for you but for others as well. You can never go wrong with the right relocation company—it is the best choice.