The holidays come around each year and if you are giving gifts to your coworkers then it is likely the same dread for figuring out what to get them comes each year as well. You may find yourself asking, “What do I five coworkers for Christmas?” again and again. The good news is that there are things that you can get and it doesn’t have to be a torment.iTunes $50 Gift CardCredit:

 What Do I Give Coworkers for Christmas? Gift Cards!

Giving a gift card is not a personal gift. However, unless you have a special relationship with your coworkers it isn’t likely that you want to give them a personalized gift. Instead, you just want to give them something they will like. Before you rush out and buy the first gift card that you find you should make sure it will be one that will be used since many gift cards aren’t used. Consider what type of person your coworker is and what types of things he or she enjoys. If you know they do a lot of crafts then consider a craft store, if they are in love with technological devices considerMulticolor Glass Icicle Christmas OrnamentsCredit: Best Buy, or consider a store that everyone in your area uses for general merchandise.

 What Do I Give Coworkers for Christmas? Holiday Stuff! 

There are a lot of different things holiday items that you can give that make great gifts. You can consider general holiday ornaments for their homes or buy something that can decorate their office. You can also purchase holiday themed items that everyone uses regularly such as holiday pens, paper, or even sticky notes.

 What Do I Give Coworkers for Christmas? Gift Baskets!Gourmet Food And Snacks Gift BasketCredit:

You can purchase a wide range of gift baskets such as fruit baskets, goodie baskets, and even baskets for coffee lovers. These make quick and easy options and they come in a wide variety of sizes and price ranges. However, you can also make your own gift baskets! Consider a container or basket that is useful. For the coffee lover get a large coffee mug, for a wine basket get a bucket for ice, or consider a square basket that can later store things. Then build a gift basket with tissue paper and the gifts. Add coffee samples, creamer samples, and chocolates to the coffee package. You can also build gift baskets based on wine, movies, and so forth. Have fun with it! You can also make gift baskets you have never heard of. Office supplies, ornaments, or crafty items can also go in gift baskets.Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa Double Chocolate MixCredit:

What Do I Give Coworkers for Christmas? Homemade Mixes!

There are all sorts of mixes you can give that make for fun and exciting gifts. On the simple side is homemade hot chocolate, but you can also mix up homemade cake or cup cake mixes, homemade pancakes, or even homemade soup mixes. You can put them in a decorate jar, add ribbons and or a bow, and make sure you make up some cute cards with directions on them.

What Do I Give Coworkers for Christmas? Yummy Food!

Food is, has been, and always will be a classic. You can make homemade candy, muffins, cakes, breads, pies, cookies, and other yummies to give as gifts to your Nikko Ceramic Christmas Dinner PlatesCredit: Amazon.comcoworkers. Here are some great ideas for giving them as gifts.

●     Get holiday bags and put homemade chocolate covered pretzels in them. Wrap with a bow or ribbon and give.

●     Wrap a fruit cake with aluminum foil and top with fancy bows and ribbons.

●     Go to the dollar store and get a fancy holiday plate and top it with your favorite cookies or fudges and wrap with colored plastic wrap.

●     Find a fancy holiday themed jar and fill it with homemade hard candy.

●     Take a box that check books come in, decorate it, put a bar of homemade fudge in it, and give that as a gift.

What Do I Give Coworkers for Christmas? Donations to Charities!

If you don’t know your coworkers very well and you are worried that what you get them will be wrong, you can get a donation in their name. More and more charity organizations are accepting donations in other people’s names and then giving a certificate so you can give that as a gift. You can plant a tree, you can buy a cow or goat for needy country, or you can sponsor a hungry child.

When you want to get something nice for your coworkers you can ask yourself, “What do I give coworkers for Christmas?” and answer with something easy, that everyone would enjoy, and that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on. You can get creative and come up with a lot of great ideas. You can also give then things that you like. You only need to take a little time to find the best gift options you can give to your coworkers.