Carnivorous plants, are a unique species of plant that acquire, some or most of their nutrients, from consuming insects instead of pulling it from the soil. This makes them excellent candidates for places where the soil isn’t as rich and fertile as in other areas, it also makes them a wonderful plant to keep as a talking point in your home, or to impress your kids, or simply because they are intriguing and unique. Carnivorous plants come in a variety of species, from the pitcher variety, which use a trapping mechanism that relies on curious insects to crawl inside their rolled leaf and become trapped in the digestive enzymes. The more commonly known type of carnivorous plants are the snap trap variety, like the Venus fly trap.

There are some important things you’re going to need to know to care for your carnivorous plants, from watering to the types of compact fluorescent bulbs you will need. These aren’t a plant you can just ignore. An interesting fact about carnivorous plants is that you cannot use tap water when you are watering them. Tap water contains minerals among other micro elements that will be very harmful, if not deadly, to the plant, so you will have two options when it comes to watering. You can you gather rain water if you live in a climate that is rather damp. Rain water is safe for your carnivorous plant, however if you live somewhere where the climate isn’t so forgiving or in a big city with too much air pollutants you’re going to need to purchase distilled water to care for your new carnivorous plant. This ensures you won’t be damaging the plant.

When it comes to compact fluorescent bulbs for carnivorous plants you’re going to have to pay attention to the issues like lumens and watts. Compact fluorescent bulbs for carnivorous plants however don’t have to be a special type of grow light, unlike in the past you won’t need to go to your local nursery and try to understand grow lights, and greenhouse lighting, to be able to have your carnivorous plant survive. The other advantage to this is that this kind of lights often need special housings to make them work, which can be unattractive for a home décor. With carnivorous plants you can use a regular desk lamp, which you can aim at the plant.

Carnivorous plants require a minimum of six hours of sunlight during the day, and unless you plan on putting it in the window, and live in the desert this might be hard to achieve. So, compact fluorescent bulbs for carnivorous plants are an alternative way to ensure the health and well being of your plant. Ideally the light will need to shine on the plant for about twelve hours, per twenty-four hour period. The last thing you’ll need to know about compact fluorescent bulbs for carnivorous plants is the type of bulb you need. You want something that has at least forty watts which translates into three thousand lumens. This way you know your carnivorous plant will be getting enough direct light to keep it from getting ill.