DreamsCredit: Morgue FileEveryone has different dreams every night.  Whether we remember them or not is the key question.  Sometimes our dreams are so real and so vivid, but when we wake up we do not remember anything about them.  Since all dreams are different in some way, shape or form there is not a meaning out there for every dream.  There are meanings behind dreams and you can find what your dreams are most likely about.  Some of the dreams listed below are very common and are ones that you may have experienced


Opening the Bedroom Door

This is one that I have had in the past.  I would wake up every morning to find that the bedroom door is open.  I always made sure that before I go to bed that the door was closed tight.  I even make sure the door latches and the wind couldn’t push it open in any way.  I went as far as locking my bedroom door to avoid it opening in the middle of the night.  For some reason in the middle of the night I would open my bedroom door every night.  This went on for quite a while.  Finally I woke up one day and remembered my dream.  My dream had been about being trapped somewhere and wondering if I was going to be able to get out.  This probably stems somewhere from my claustrophobia.  I realized that the reason I was doing this in my sleep was because I was afraid that I was going to be stuck.  My reason for opening the door was to make sure that I had an escape route so I can be sure that I could get out if I had to.


Being Pregnant

Many people misinterpret their dreams about being pregnant.  Often times this is common in women.  They think that because they are unconsciously thinking about being pregnant that that’s what they really want in life.  While sometimes this may be the case, about 80% of the time it is for different reasons.  This is the time when your mind can be most creative.  If when you are sleeping you are thinking about being pregnant you are simply being creative and dreaming of something that you are not.  Pregnancy dreams are important for those people who are in charge of a big project and play a big role in planning something where they have to use their imagination to create it.


Death and Dying

Having a dream about death and dying is very common for both men and women.  Many people interpret it the wrong way and think that it is a sign that someone close to them is about to die.  This is certainly not the reason you are thinking about death while you are sleeping.  The reason behind this is usually because you are simply lacking in your relationship with that person.  If you have a dream that your parents are dying, make a phone call to them and catch up with what has been going on in their lives.  Perhaps you haven’t called them in a while.  If you dream about your significant other dying, it may be time where the two of you plan a date night out so you can expand your relationship.


Dreams of Swallowing Your Rings

This was another one of my dreams that I have had before.  I did some research after I kept having the same dreams about swallowing my wedding ring.  I would wake up and my ring wouldn’t be on my finger.  I would frantically search around after having the dream about swallowing my ring and would find them sitting loosely in my bed.  I must have taken them off in the middle of the night and lost them in the bed.  After I researched I found out that the reason behind these dreams and the reason I was dreaming that I was swallowing it was because I felt insecure about something in my life.  Swallowing my wedding ring was a way to keep my marriage or life safe within me and I wouldn’t have to worry about losing it.  Since then, I have made sure that I take off my wedding ring at night and the dreams have stopped.


Dreams About Snakes

Having fantasies about snakes is very common.  If in your dream you fear the snake you see, you are unsure about the fears and struggles in life you are facing.  If the snake seems friendly and you are not frightened by the sight of it, then you aren’t nervous or worried about the tough things you may be facing in your life.


Falling Dreams

Having falling dreams are very common for a lot of people.  In the middle of the night if you wake up because you have quickly jolted in your sleep, you probably were unconsciously thinking that you were falling.  Most likely this means that you are unsure with the way things are going in your life.  You may feel out of control about your life and feel as though you are unable to change things.

Being Chased by a “Bad Guy”

If you are having a hallucination that you are being chased by a bad guy or a bad group this could mean that you have a severe case of anxiety.  Many people have anxiety, but you know that it gets bad when you are constantly unconsciously thinking that you are being chased.  The first instinct we have as humans when something bad is happening is to flee.  This is the fight or flight automatic response we get.  This is most likely how we handle things in real life when we are faced with anxiety provoking issues.


Chasing Something or Someone

Are you constantly having the same dream about chasing something or someone and not being able to catch it or catch up to it.  If this is the case, there is probably something in our life that we really want but are having a hard time achieving it.  If you are having this fantasy often then you should work harder at chasing your dreams and finding out what you really want.


Dream interpretation can be fun to learn about, especially if you are continuously having the same dream.  Understanding what your dreams mean can be fun even if the dream you are having isn’t negatively effecting you.

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