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I felt so sorry for the young woman who was on Dr. Phil show talking about how her biological father molested her repeatedly.  Did this biological father look like a sexual predator?  Who would have thought he would do something like this?  She spoke of how she had several of his babies.   Now the sickening and sad part of this story and others like it is that her home was not a safe haven.  Parents should  protect the children and not abuse them.  Dr. Phil goes on to give a few tips on spotting a sexual predator. Some of them are as follows:

1. They are great helpers and prey on people in need.

2.  They are not always strangers.   Many times, they are family member, family friends, and neighbors.

3. They look for stressful situations to find a need they can fill and use that to get close to the victim.

These are just a few of the tips that Dr. Phil talks about.   Families need to become more vigilant.   Can families be more  careful about those they allow in their lives?   Targeting the victims is something that the sexual predators do.

As I watched, the Oprah Television Show one day,   she had molesters on her show  sharing their tips about how they gained their victim’s confidence.   There was mention that the molester actually “grooms” the victim.   Each time the sexual predator gets a little closer.  The sexual predators convince victims they are there to help them, when  they are there to prey on them.  Did these sexual predators on her show look like sexual predators? 
Life scripts suggest one way of keeping your child safe is to buy and use a DNA kit.  Adults can use these kits also.  Law enforcement agencies can solve cases with DNA testing.  DNA testing can offer strong evidence.   I have heard of cases where DNA testing proved a person’s innocence also.  

DNA, genetic fingerprinting, is evidence in a criminal court case, according to Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia.   I also  recall serving jury duty.   The case was a rape and hijacking case.  The jury questioned why the case was just coming to court.  It had occurred several years   before DNA was admissible in court.  

David Harris of the Flint Journal states that Michigan state law went into effect last year.  It required every inmate in Michigan Department of Corrections to give DNA samples.   An inmate that has been in prison since 1995 for a murder in the Detroit area is not  a possible suspect yet  in the slaying of a 19-year-old who was a student at Mott Community College.  The slaying occurred in 1993.   Investigators are hoping prisoner’s DNA offers the evidence needed to solve the case. 4,500 inmates has had DNA samples taken.

Just remember predators come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and character.   They may seem handsome, cute,charismatic, or even caring.  [2922][2923][2924]