I have been to the Rocky Mountain Rumble every year it has occurred. The last three years has seen me spending a day at Holt arena watching 4 high quality football games between 4 Idaho prep football teams and 4 out of state teams. I have also been to many other events at Holt Arena where I meet people who are visiting Holt Arena for the First time. Here are some of these first time visitors to Holt Arena for the first time and their thoughts.

Holt Arena during the Rocky Mountain RumbleRaymond High school- Alberta, Canada

These guys came all the way from Alberta, Canada to play at Holt Arena in Pocatello, Idaho for the annual Rocky Mountain Rumble. It was the first time for these guys playing at Holt Arena. The players for Raymond kicked some butt in there football game. After the game the Raymond players were still excited. They had some cool quotes about Holt Arena and playing there including:

"This Play Is Awesome"

"This is so much fun; I hope we can get to come back".

"Wow, I never thought I would get to play at a place such as this"

I told a couple of the player show the Altitude channel had broadcast the games live on TV the prior two years and they wished that they too could have been filmed playing for TV. Yeah IdahoSports.com filmed it for Internet broadcast but true Idaho Sports Fans know how their website sucks.

Parents of Players at the Rocky Mountain Rumble

The parents that were able to come and watch their kids play in Holt Arena for the first time also had a great time. Out of state visitors that had never been to Holt Arena before said they enjoyed the hospitality they received from the locals. In general they were hoping their kids would win. All the out of state teams won except for Notre Dame which was slaughtered by the Highland Rams of Pocatello.

Holt ArenaCost of Food

The high cost of food was a turn off for many of these out of state visitors. They had spent a lot of their own money to travel to Holt Arena and then the Holt Arena Concessions stands rip them off with the high cost of food. Way to go ISU Concessions stands; I hope you feel good about that.

General Views of Holt Arena during the Rocky Mountain Rumble

The out of state visitors were amazed that Highland gets to play all of their home football games at Holt Arena. Many of these players may not play at the college level so it was a huge deal for them to be able to play in such a setting.

For the players that will move onto college this was a good way to help prepare them for large games in a new environment. For the players that may eventually go pro it gives me the chance to say that I got to watch them play football in High school.

Holt Arena

In general the main complaint was the extremely high cost of the concession stand. Everybody felt like they were gouging the customers. Other than that for the most part everybody truly enjoyed their time at Holt Arena during the Rocky Mountain Rumble.