man and woman in love

What do women really want from men? Well, that's a great question, isn't it? Of course I can't speak for all of the women out there but, a lot will probably agree with what I'm about to say. Men, all we want is just a little bit of common sense, that's all. We want you to pay attention to us without having to ask for it; we want you to clean the house without complaining about it; maybe make us a meal, do the dishes once in awhile, massage our backs. Does this sound like too much? It shouldn't. I know alot of men want this from their wives/girlfriends. I'm just saying that it's nice when a man does something for us without having to ask for it. I'm not saying you must do all of this all the time. We just need help around the house/yard sometimes and it gets annoying when we are told that we have to ask. This is just common sense.

We want you to look at us the way you did when we first started dating. Some of the guys may feel the same way about that. If you can do this for us , I'm sure we could do it for you. People get so caught up trying to change their spouse it becomes an obsession. Just think about when you first started dating. Did you try to change your mate back then? I'm sure you didn't. If you did, you probably should of never continued your relationship. What attracted you to eachother? I'm sure you've heard the statement, "you can't change anybody but yourself"; that's a true statement.

Women, men don't like when we nag at them, obviously. When he does do something nice for you around the house or whatever it is that he may do for you. Why not acknowledge what he did for you? Tell him he did a great job and you're impressed and maybe next time he'll actually do more. Sometimes, we as women don't do this enough. He'll notice he made you happy. He will also notice other things that may need to be done, on his own. We probably just don't think to do it, that's all. I've been learning as I'm going along.

Men, we're not asking you to be mind readers. We just want you to be on the same page as us and think of the things you would need to do if you were living on your own. What types of chores would you have to do to keep up the house? Wouldn't you need to cook once in awhile? Some women actually may get turned on when their man cooks for them. Also, don't just clean the house to get lucky in bed; although, never mind. Sometimes, that may work. Just do these things once in awhile out of respect for your spouse and just to take a little stress off of her. It will pay off in the long run. You will probably end up with a happier wife/girlfriend. You will probably have a happier relationship. I hope this advice may help you or even get you thinking about what I'm saying here. It's common sense.