Hard floor steamers are wonderful, especially for someone who has a lot of hard floors. Hard floor steamers are great for tile, marble, glazed cement, laminate, parquet, and any sealed hard wood floors.

It is important, that you only use hard floor steamers on wood that is sealed or it will ruin the wood. The same is true for any waxed linoleum, if you use a steam cleaner on a waxed floor, it will melt the wax and create bigger mess than you were about to clean.

When looking for a steam mop, look for one that has the water container near the floor, as this will give you added weight to work with, with less scrubbing. Look for one that has a long utility cord, giving you more area to clean without unplugging and plugging it in again.

Steam temperature is very important, as you will not get the sanitizing effect until the temperature reaches 212 degrees F, anything less than that, you are just steaming, but not disinfecting your floor.

It is good to find a steamer that has a sturdy handle, and can be maneuvered easily, as well as one that has continuous steam. Who wants to hold down a button the whole time you are steam mopping your floor?

Some hard floor steamers have a single hole in the bottom that will dispense the steam, which is something you want to avoid. There are plenty of steamers that have the steam come out the sides, and the bottom. It is nice if you get one with the triangular, and swivel head, which allows you to get in those hard to reach places.

Another good feature to look for is a washable mop head, something that you can throw in the wash, then the dryer. Accessories are not really necessary if you are only going to use it on your floors. There are however some that come with a hand attachment that is great for steam cleaning counter-tops, windows, window sills, bathtubs, and showers. Look for these attachments as you shop for a steam mop.

Some of the best brands to check out are Eureka, HAAN, Monster, and Bissell. These are just a few that are available, and each are among top sellers in hard floor steamers.