Benefits of Honey

How much do you know about honey ?

Honey is produced by bees through use of nectar harvested from flowers.It is consumed as  food by human beings. Bees store honey as a food in honeycombs.This,they use as a primary energy source in times of food scarcity or unfavorable weather conditions. It is largely preferred over sugar as a natural sweetener for food and beverages.It is also used in the manufacture of mead ,a type of wine with honey as the main ingredient .There are other types of bees that do produce honey ,but the honeybee is the most popular honey - producing bee.

These bees produce honey from nectar ,which they obtain from flowers,and would store the resultant honey as food in the beehives.They consist of the queen, the drone bees and worker bees.Even though honey can be preserved for long periods of time with little or no exposure to humidity, the honey comb cells in the hives are considered the best possible honey-storing and preserving facilities.

Honey harvesting is an old practice.In ancient times,honey was usually harvested by following the honeyguide,a bird that led one to the location of a wild beehive.Smoke would then be used to pacify them by means of lighting a small fire beneath the hive,or by use of a smoker.A honey extractor is then used to extract honey from the honey comb,after it’s removal from the hive.

You can tell the quality of honey by it's taste,colour, smell and viscosity or consistency.Honey has therapeutic qualities like the healing of sore throats,soothing of coughs,healing of burns , scalds and ulcers and disinfection of wounds, with some varieties being known to treat infections.It is full of energy ,natural sugars and carbohydrates.The different types of honey are traceable  to their floral sources,though most varieties are blended ,giving it varying degrees of color, density and flavor.

Honeydew is a dark brown, low-quality honey made from the secretions of sap-sucking insects.This is collected by the bees that later make the dark product.It is a strong flavored honey that lacks adequate amounts of essential proteins required by the bees.Monofloral honey is that which has it’s floral source of nectar traceable to a single flower type.To achieve this, beekeepers are obliged to place their hives in places surrounded by only one type of flower.Challenges however abound due to the inability to control bees from roaming to find other nectar sources.Polyfloral honey is derived when bees roam to different and varied flower sources to collect nectar.This results in an end-product  with a varied flavor.