Parents who are just starting out with homeschooling may ask a veteran homeschooler "What do you need to homeschool?" While many people may think that having lots of books and fancy bulletin boards are the most important thing needed for homeschooling, they may be surprised to find there are other things that are more important.

Here are some thoughts this veteran homeschooler has about what you need to homeschool:

1. Good attitude - If you have a negative attitude, everything can be hard. Homeschooling is not the easiest thing you will do in your life. If you go into it with confidence knowing that you will do the best you can, you will succeed. If you are a Christian and pray to God that He will guide your steps, then your homeschool year can be even more enjoyable. People who have a good attitude can weather even the most difficult situations knowing that they are not in control and are doing their best.

2. Love for your children - Although this is probably obvious when thinking about what you need to homeschool, it's still essential. Do you love your children enough to be willing to provide an alternative form of education for them even if it gets challenging at times? Homeschoolers do what they do because they want to provide the best learning environment for their children. This may take some sacrifice at times, but is well worth it when they see the light bulb go on in your child's eyes when they understand something they are teaching them.

3. Knowledge about learning styles - Choosing homeschool books and resources becomes much easier when parents know their child's learning style. If a student is provided with resources that fit with his learning style, he will have a better attitude and be able to learn and retain the material more easily. Purchasing a curriculum and then trying to make the child fit the curriculum can often be a sure road to burnout.

4. Books - Obviously homeschoolers need books. Some will choose literature as their core curriculum and others will choose textbooks. Some will choose free books from the library and some will pay a large sum of money for the books they need. Some will choose a few books and some will choose many books. Parents who prayerfully consider the books and curriculum that they are choosing will have a better chance of purchasing just what they need instead of wasting time and money on unnecessary items.