How many times do you use your computer to do complex calculations, their original designed use? The most complex calculations most of us use our home PCs for is household budgeting using a spread sheet program to perform simple addition and subtractions calculations.

Our computers have become communications and games devices to most of us with small amount of typing fitted in once in a while.

Computer Diversity

We now have computers in games consoles, children’s toys, tablets, laptops even our phones. We are never far from at least one of these and do you know how most of us use them? Playing games is the most common use for all kinds of computer.

Computer Games

Games actually make use of some of the complex calculation capacity that computers have. Every move made by a figure on screen requires millions of calculations to be performed. Even playing Angry Birds™ on your smart phone requires millions of calculations to happen regarding the trajectory of the bird and the superposition of the poor bird on the rest of the image.

The gaming industry has become a major driving force behind developments in computing. Players have demanded ever more detail in their game images, ever faster and more realistic movement in figures on-screen. Computer manufacturers have responded with faster and faster processors, more detailed displays and better graphics cards.

Game consoles currently have the lion’s share of the gaming market with new video quality games being released every week. PC users still use their home computers for playing games, too. The PC game world has its share of new releases, too. Computers may have been bought “for school” or “for work” but their owners usually spend far more time on leisure-use than anything education or employment related.

Smart Phones

These devices do much more than allow us to talk and text because they are basically very small computers as well. Again most phone users spend vast amounts of time playing games. Again the “app” developers are driving the pace of developments in mobile phone technology as games players demand better and larger screens as well as more powerful processors to handle the games graphics better.

Internet Access

The Internet affects every aspect of our lives, from what we are eating for dinner tonight to talking to someone in a distant country. The increasing complexity of websites and Internet use has also played its part in pressuring computer manufacturers to improve specifications. If websites were all text, with no video, then we could all get by perfectly well with technology that was five years old. One wonders whether computer companies or website managers are really driving the trend towards increasing website complexity.

Broadband is the key to the Internet, of course. You can barely access a static text-only web page using a dial-up connection. Most of us live in towns and cities where we are lucky enough to have multiple home-broadband options open to us. Choosing which service can be totally confusing to most of us. Fnding the fastest and best service requires you to use a service like the BT broadband speed test to actually find out your own broadband speed and to see what else is available in your area.

Work from Home

Once you have a decent broadband connection then working from home becomes an option. Some employers will consent to you working from home for at least part of your working week. This way you can make your computer earn its keep.

If your employer is unwilling to be flexible in this regard then it might be time to start looking into working freelance from home either as a writer or for one of the many companies which do encourage their employees to work from home.