Match What You Want With What You Are Doing

A Nudge in the Right Direction

In order to help you along the long road of life that you want let us reflect some.   I am sure that you have heard the saying that says something like If you don’t know where you want to go how will you ever know when you get there?  This may not have come out exactly right but I hope you understand.  If you are in a strange town the first thing you do is plug your destination into the old G.P.S. This will tell you where to go here.   Have you done this with your life?   Then let us perform an exercise.  I learned this in college for writing term papers and it will work equally well here.

Take out a sheet of paper, get comfortable with no distractions and for about a minute start thinking about what you really want out of a job, life, with whom do you want to be surrounded on a daily basis, travel? , relationships, what you may want to provide your children if you want them…..after that minute of kind of putting yourself in a nice frame of mind just stop and rest for about a minute.  Then take 5 minutes and write furiously onto that piece of paper whatever you want out of life but really what you want.  Do not stop and analyze it.  There is nothing that is a wrong answer.  Do not try to sequence it.  Just write whatever comes to mind.  Not what everyone tells you that you should want.  Your parents may have had a plan for you and others did too.  Write down what YOU want out of it.  Then stop after the 5 minutes and then put down the paper and stay away from it for at least an hour.  Then come back and turn it over and do the 5 minute thing again.

Now let us look at both sides of this and sort it out into long term goals and goals that will take a little less time.  Oh and by the way anything that is way off base you can dump or maybe just put into a “bucket list” if it something like sky diving or the like.   Oh by the way you can reword some things that just didn’t really say what you meant (it happens to everyone).

When I did this it seemed like mine were mostly ongoing goals and things that keep me going. Here are some of my results:

  • Drive a decent car
  • Build my own greenhouse
  • Remodel the house
  • Stay active, healthy, financially comfortable
  • Teach people things (I spent a bunch of years as a corporate trainer)
  • Not sell stuff on e-bay
  • Work for me
  • Do what I really want not what I have to take or have been stuffed into
  • Skydive
  • Be close to people with “ideas”
  • More spare time
  • Own boss but not 18 hours a day
  • Love laugh live
  • Vacation 2 times a year
  • Be able to work from a hotel room in Rome
  • Always learning and always having something interesting to me to do

Wow that is a bunch of demands but it is all possible in this line of work. Using the internet to teach and associate with others and to make a reasonable living as well at something I can do until I am 85 years old if I want.

Not bad!

Now choose your vehicle to get there.  I invite you to select the way I and these other 4 are doing it.  You will have to learn different things than we did.  You may be way ahead in that respect.  You will learn some though including many things about yourself.