Everybody wants something

Everybody wants something. All around the world people have a desire to gain something that they don’t already have. Some people want money to buy things and live a particular lifestyle while others wish to experience a certain emotion or feeling. To want is completely natural. It’s what drives us as people to get up in the morning, to live another day. Everybody wants something.

I was in a convenience store one day, waiting in line to pay for a Pepsi. Ahead of me was a young mother with her daughter, who I would say was five or six. In front of the counter was a shelf filled with candy, right about eye level of a six year old. As the mother’s items were being bagged, a package shaped like an ice cream cone caught the daughter’s eye. “Mommy, look at these!” she said. “I would reeeaally love one!” The mother barley looked down and said “Come on, let’s go.” The little girl didn’t move. Her eyes were wide as she gazed at this pretend ice cream cone. “I said let’s go!” the mother said, with authority. The little girl began to whine and cry before her mother picked her up and turned for the door, the little girl’s eyes remained focused on the ice cream as she was carried outside.

That little girl wanted something. As children we want toys and candy and all of the other marvellous things we see. That little girl probably expressed her interest in a hundred things that day. But as we grow older, what we want changes. There are little wants like what you want for dinner or what you want to watch on TV tonight. Then there are big wants like love and relationships or wealth and success. A lot of us want the same things, but we all want different things too.

Wanting is a good thing; we need to want otherwise what’s the point of being here?  However, wanting can become negative. Our want of something can lead us to believe that we don’t have, which makes us go through a whole range of negative emotions. That is where most people’s thinking is focused on the negative.

Have you ever noticed the people you talk to are always telling you about their problems? They can’t afford to do this, they’re too busy to do that or if they had their way, they would. That indicates they want something, but they’re approaching it in a negative way. In order for our wants to stay positive, we must first acknowledge what we already have. By doing this, we focus on our successes and look to add to them.

What do you want? The best way to find out is to think about what you already have.

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