It seems that Christmas has almost become something you don't want to mention as there are people that may be offended. America has always been a place where freedom rings. We shouldn't let any religion suffer the scrutiny of politics or others views. Everyone should be able to freely celebrate their religion. I am not afraid to say Merry Christmas to any stranger during this Christmas season. I'm ashamed to say that there are businesses that have chosen to remove the Christmas trees for this season from the business premises. Some businesses have chosen not to play Christmas music during this season so as not to offend those not celebrating this holiday.

Christmas can mean many things to many people. To me it means the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. That should not offend anyone, even if you don't believe in the God I worship. This is the main reason I celebrate the holiday but there are many things that make Christmas the wonderful celebration that it should remain for us all to enjoy if we wish to do so.

The Christmas tree is such an enjoyable part of Christmas. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas in relation to the birth of Christ, it is a beautiful site. It is not a "Holiday Tree". It is a Christmas tree, always has been, always will be. Trimming the tree is also a very enjoyable time at Christmas. I cannot imagine a Christmas without it.

Christmas is a wonderful time to listen to your favorite Christmas carols whether on the radio, on your car CD player, your IPOD or at home. Some businesses play Christmas music while you're shopping. I think this puts lots of people in the holiday spirit. It is a wonderful thing to see Christmas carolers who still believe in our good old American tradition of caroling.

Christmas parties are fun and are fun to end the year. We get to ponder on the year that has passed with our friends, co-workers and families. If the year has been good or bad, it doesn't matter, just that you are with some of your friends and family.

For me, our candle light Christmas Eve service is very inspiring. Watching all those candles being lit from person to person creates an awesome link to each and every one of us. It is something I look forward to.

There are many things that come to mind besides these few, like Christmas dinner with lots of relatives. Christmas would not be the same without the many Christmas movies we enjoy year after year.

My point in all of this about Christmas is this: There are many people from many religions who do enjoy Christmas. My important points as to why I celebrate Christmas may not be the same for them. That is ok, and if they do not care to celebrate Christmas that is ok as well. Our country was founded on freedom, yes, freedom for many things, and one of them being freedom of religion. We are all different but we are united as Americans. The most important thing about the Christmas Holiday regarding differences in opinion is that we should all respect each other's religions no matter what we believe.