Discover the functions of engine oil

What does motor oil do for your engine?

Functions of Engine OilYou know that your car needs motor oil to run, but what does oil do exactly? You are told to change your motor oil frequently to keep your car running well. Why is that? Why is the function of motor oil so essential for running your car? In this article you will learn the four basic functions of engine oil and why it is so important to change your oil and filter regularly.

What does Engine Oil Do? The 4 main functions of engine oil
Motor oil serves 4 very important functions in your engine. Engine oil lubricates, protects, cools, and cleans your internal combustion motor.
  • 1st Function of Engine Oil: Lubrication - Your car’s engine is full of fast moving metal parts. Without proper lubrication these metal parts would create extreme amounts of friction and heat that will damage the engine. The friction created by fast moving engine parts that are not adequately lubricated with engine oil can also cause significant power loss and decreased engine and fuel efficiency. The term “viscosity” refers to the weight or thickness of the oil. It must be light enough to quickly flow around the moving engine parts but thick enough to coat the engine parts and provide protection. For best results, consult your owners manual to learn what type is right for your car.
  • 2nd Function of Engine Oil: Protection - As it lubricates all those hot metal moving parts in your engine, your motor oil also protects those metal parts against wear and tear and corrosion by coating the metal parts in a thin layer of oil. Without motor oil, the friction caused by running engine would cause serious damage to the engine. Protection is especially important if you drive an older car because the engine will already have some wear and tear on it. 
  • 3rd Function of Engine Oil: Cooling - A massive amount of heat is created by internal combustion (explosions of gas in the cylinders) and by the friction of fast moving metal parts in a car’s motor. Motor oil cools this heat by flowing around hot metal engine parts and absorbing the heat. Then, it flows down into the oil drain pan which is located under the car on the bottom of the engine. The outside air works to cool it down.
  • 4th Function of Engine Oil: Cleaning - AEngine Oil Filters oil flows around your motor it picks up tiny bits of metal, dirt, and other deposits that can rob an engine of efficiency and damage an engine. It then flows into the oil filter where all the harmful bits of metal and other deposits are filtered out and stay in the filter. When you change your engine oil, be sure to also change your engine oil filter.
The functions of motor oil are essential for your engine to run efficiently and without damage over the life of your car.

Now that you know the 4 functions of motor oil, learn how to check the oil in your car to make sure that you have the right amount. Then, you can learn how to change your motor oil and filter to keep your engine running in tip top shape and save you lots of money on costly mechanics fees and repair bills.

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