Heartburn is a flaming sensation in your chest going to your throat. This usually happens at least 30 minutes after eating. Sometimes, it even goes up to an hour after meal before you could feel the uncomfortable pain in your chest.

Unfortunately, the pain that one could feel is excruciating. However, do not interpret heartburn as a disease in itself. Heartburn is a symptom of a disease named Gastroesophageal reflux disease. When not addressed properly, it could lead to a serious illness.

What does heartburn feel like? The pain that heartburn causes can be unbearable. The patient will be feeling a blazing sore in the chest. For an instant, the patient would feel that the pain is connected to the heart. This is especially when the pain will be coming from the chest.

Anyone would least expect that it is actually caused by a stomach acid. The uncomfortable sensation transgresses up into the throat and jaw. There are occasions when it even goes up to the arms and the back. Your taste buds will be introducing you to a strong bitter and sour taste. If the pain is prolonged, you will have difficulty swallowing as well. If you are asking, "What does heartburn feel like? It could be extremely painful.

In case of heartburn attack, proper body positioning could actually ease the pain. The patient could lie down or bend over. This could allow the acid to flow freely back into the esophagus. Remember not to put any pressure on your stomach. Avoid straining, very tight clothing or coughing. Too much fat can also aggravate heartburn. A pregnant patient must be careful because her condition can actually aggravate heartburn attack.

Persistent heartburn results to a more serious problem. Once heartburn transgresses to the next level, the patient should immediately go to a doctor. The symptoms that heartburn goes to the next level are lightheadedness, throwing up blood, experiencing your surrounding seemed to be whirling or spinning, unbearable and persistent pain, dehydration and losing your weight without deliberate intention to do so. Are you already experiencing these symptoms? The best option is to have an appointment with your doctor.

What does heartburn feel like? As said, heartburn feels terrible. Therefore, we should make sure we prevent it from happening. We should know what causes heartburn. There are food and drinks that actually triggers, if not aggravate, heartburn. These foods are peppermint, caffeine including tea and soda, chocolate, foods full of fat and alcohol. We should be mindful of these food and drinks.

Heartburn can be extremely painful. Therefore, it is important that we keep our digestive system as healthy as possible. We should stay away from alcohol or too much caffeine. We can also keep antacids ready. Antacid neutralizes acid in the stomach. Therefore, it could give a relief in case of attack. We should always be on guard. After all, no one can know when heartburn would attack.

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