Delicious is not exactly the right word for NutriSystem food, however it is edible. When it comes to diets, the purpose is to loose weight not necessarily love what you eat. I think that's a given when it comes to diets. People need to go on them because they love food too much in the first place. Nutrisystem food, for those of you that are curious or thinking about joining – is decent, not great, as far as diet foods go.

As one of those people, needing to lose about 15 pounds, I scanned the internet for some viable diets to stick to (fingers-crossed). I've tried a few in the past Atkins (which worked for a few months and then I gained it all back) and a raw food diet (which is profoundly awesome and it took me 2 years to gain it back). This time around I wanted something convenient, I knew at this time in my life I wasn't going to have the patience to keep to a raw food diet. That's when I turned to Nutrisystem.

I found that Nutrisystem was affordable and were delivered to my door all at once. Meals run about $3 each and are shipped in a large cardboard box and easily prepared by sticking the meal into the microwave. I could do that on my financial and time budget. In my research I read somewhere that Nutrisystem food ranked 'ok' among the other delivery diets and that "the soups were good." I like soups. The final reason I decided to spend the $300 or so on Nutrisystem food was that they had a vegetarian option, most delivery diets don't.

So here's my take after devouring the Nutrisystem food.

  • Not all their soups are good. Most are. I particularly found their tomato soup disgusting.
  • The Nutrisystem breakfast food is particularly good, such as the muffins and scones. I think cereals are a bit of a disappointment. Who likes to eat soy nuggets for breakfast?
  • The lunchtime meal bars are ok, definitely filling and not any worse than an Atkins or Zone bar.
  • I definitely loved the instant like mashed potatoes, however odd it is to just add water- they were still an un-guilty pleasure.
  • For dinner, I enjoyed most of the meals. I like the vegetarian lasagna and the ravioli a lot. However I would advise against the Pasta Primavera dish, or at least hold back on eating the tofu chunks in there. The pizza dinner meal was also not my favorite.
  • My favorite dessert was the Nutrisystem Coconut Carmel Bar, and their Cheese Puffs (which counts as a dessert). Come to think of it, there wasn't any desserts that I didn't like.

A drawback is after about a week of eating Nutrisystem food, all starts to taste the same. This is because of the large amount of soy and whey they use to bolster up the protein content. On the plus side, within the first week I did notice myself losing weight, about 2 pounds with barely any exercising. After eating through that whole box of Nutrisystem food, I lost 7 pounds in one month. Not bad! And I guess the best part is, although I'm a bit sick of the food, I still don't' mind eating it since its working. Another 8 pounds to go! Nutrisystem food tastes great when you are losing weight.