If you’re reading this, you’ve discovered the Internet.  Congratulations.  If you like what you see, be sure to fire off a quick thank you note to Al Gore for inventing it.

                In addition to bringing us Youtube, the Internet is a great way for security companies to reach out to prospective applicants.  And unless you’re just so freaking skilled that you’ve got recruiters pounding down your door to offer you $1000 a day, more than likely you’ll be using email to send off your resume to them, just like the rest of us.  So chew on this for a minute.  Let’s say you’ve dropped $100 to have your resume and cover letter professionally written.  You’re a true professional with a solid work history, and you’ve done everything right so far to achieve your goal of getting a foot in the door.  After all that, why would you make yourself look like a clown even before a recruiter has a chance to review your resume, by using your goofy personal email account to send the silly thing???

                Yes, PTStud0311@hotmail dot com, I’m talking to you.  Stillsexyat50@yahoo dot com, you should probably pay attention as well.  Today’s advice is going to be short and sweet, but hopefully it’ll go a long way.  For the most part, the VIPs that you’ll be guarding are high-profile dignitaries who don’t want to be embarrassed by a guard who does something stupid.  To make that happen, a fair amount of the training that companies provide, as well as the appearance and fitness standards laid out by the customer, is meant to cull the “one percent” from the herd.  As a recruiter, I’d be a little bit impressed by a candidate who can display their professionalism even through a small detail such as their email address.

                For everyone’s sake, get a new email address strictly for job-seeking.  Make it something that’s easy for both you and the recruiters to remember, along the lines of JamesWashington@Gmail dot com.  Stick to Gmail or Yahoo accounts.  They provide much more memory for storing old emails than the other services, plus they’re free and you can set one up in minutes.  And most importantly, never send risqué pictures, chain emails, Youtube videos, or any questionable material through this account.  Save it for professional communications only. 

                If this tip sounds basic, that’s because it is.  If you can present yourself as being an understated professional, even through something as minor as your email address, you’ll have a better shot at getting your start in the security business.