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Even a Letterbox Tells a Story

This week I put my hand up to help with pamphlet delivering, 750 houses to be exact. I have done it once as a teenager, but forgot how painful it can be. Collecting the pamphlets, folding them, and then delivering, which doesn’t actually seem that hard, but when you have to carry them in mass amounts they are actually quite heavy and then you have to keep going back to your car or home to collect more. So you definitely need to figure out a middle point amongst your journeys. Whilst walking I started to notice something, I mean other than the dog poop on the ground I was carefully dodging. Each letterbox is different, of course, and through my journey I started to take notice of all the different types. Big ones, little ones, specially made, tricky or secure, and then those with the big “No Junk Mail” Signs. While putting the pamphlets in each letterbox, I couldn’t help but get a mental picture. I started to think that each letterbox shows a personality of their own, or the owners. Of course most are already there when we buy a house already built, but I still felt like they were telling me something. As weird as that sounds.

Personalised Letter BoxCredit: PublicDomainPictures Personalised Letterboxes

Some people go all out and create beautiful letterboxes, because when you think about it they are seen every day. They are outside your house, and at least one person everyday looks at them, even if it is just the mail man. They complement your home, and I couldn’t help but think “Wow how creative or nice” when I came across a personalised letterbox. It made me think that the owners are very particular with things in their home, they like everything to be included including their letterboxes. I had a warm greeting feel so to speak when putting their paper in.

The Standard Letterbox

The standard letterbox is often what a lot of people have, including myself. The open shut lid, normal size and with their house number on the front or somewhere close. To me, these letter boxes tell me the owners aren’t really fussed. The letterbox is there to hold mail until they collect it, as long as it does its job, then all is fine.

No Junk MailCredit: Save PottstownThe No Junk Mail Letterboxes

These lettersboxes all told me a different story depending on how it was written. The ones that simply said “NO JUNK MAIL” in capital letters; I walked past feeling as though I didn’t even want to look at the house in case they were watching and thought there might be a chance I might slip it in. All I could picture was the old man from the movie Billy Madison Movie running out in his jocks with a big stick.

The other letterboxes that said “No Junk Mail Please”, or “Addressed Mail Only”, were fine. I was instantly bought back to my childhood where I was taught it was polite to use my manners, and since they used Please in their stickers I didn’t seem to mind. I got the image of someone who simply wasn’t interested in reading the junk mail and had most likely been swamped with it before.

The Big Letterboxes

I discovered today I like these letterboxes. They are big which allows room for all the mail, no competition between the Mail Man and the pamphlet deliverers. No trying to squish up the paper and fit it in or having to leave things on top of the letterbox. These are great when there is a dog barking because you have stepped into their street, drop it in and off you go. I felt that the owners of these letterboxes, are sometimes happy to read the junk mail and would rather it be in their letterbox than falling out onto their yard.

Secure LetterboxCredit: PublicDomainPictures The Small Letterboxes

These are the next best thing next to a No Junk Mail sticker if you do not want junk mail. They are so small that sometimes it is easier to skip past them than have to try and fit the pamphlet in with the other mail that is already spilling onto the ground. I ended up passing a few after spending about 5 minutes continuously picking up mail that was spilling out onto the yard. Although I was doing the right thing by picking it all up, it felt wrong touching someone else’s mail. So the next over filled small letterbox I came to, I simply passed. The smaller mail boxes gave me the feeling that they were more so interested in just addressed mail, or were super keen to keep checking their mailboxes to keep them from getting overfilled.

Tricky or Secure Letterboxes

Despite it being a letterbox, some are actually quite hard to either find, or put the mail into and this no doubt is for a reason. Unfortunately this world has some untrustworthy people, so owners might want their mail to be a little more secure than others. Or it might simply be that the design is suited to the house. Whatever the case, these mailboxes can be quite the mission. Finding them in that lovely garden or that wall that it hides in, or even once you found it the slot can be technical. I found when delivering to these houses that I got the mental image of security, someone who likes to keep things extra safe including their mail. Sometimes it was just that they house was a particular design and the mailbox of course was included.

Of course all the above is simply my opinion, it may have been I was in the sun to long, or that I read too much into things. But what do you think, what does your Letterbox say about you?