A work-at-home-mom, or WAHM, is probably busier than the average non-WAHM may think. While different lifestyles and schedules affect how a work at home mom spends her day, I'll share my typical schedule so the reader can get an idea. Whether you're just curious, or considering becoming a work at home mom yourself, I hope this window into my average day will give some insight.

My preschoolers wake me up in the morning. This schedule will be changing when they start "real" school in a few months! I get up and make myself some coffee and get them some breakfast. Usually while they are eating breakfast I clean the kitchen for about half an hour. I throw a load of laundry in and move on to the next part of the day.

Depending on the kids' mood, I may turn on the computer after this. If the children want some mommy time, we play, read books, or do puzzles together. If they want to play alone, I check email with a second cup of coffee. Some days email is really quick to go through, other times, depending on the projects I am doing at the time as a WAHM, just getting organized in the morning can take up to half an hour.

After getting organized, I try to get some work in, depending on how the kids are doing. If they want mommy time, that's what they get! If they are alright playing alone or together, I try to write at least one article, maybe do some promotion of already-written pieces, depending on how much time I have. This block of time usually takes about an hour, depending on many factors. During the time that I am writing articles, I'm also answering emails, instant messages, and posting to forums, if I get the chance.

If the house is a mess, I forgo work to clean up.

My husband works second shift, so at this point I wake him up for the day. Again, depending on what's going on, I may do some errands or perhaps get some more work in. Depending on the weather, I may go work in the garden for a while.

After making lunch, I get the kids ready for school, depending on the day. If there's no school for the day, we play for a while. If the kids go to school, I drop them off and get to work! A work at home mom usually gets the bulk of her work done when the kids aren't around, as constant interruptions are not very conducive to productivity. I may spend two hours working in the afternoon if the kids are at school. If the kids are home, I'm lucky to get one hour of work in!

After school we usually do something fun. We go to the playground if the weather is nice, otherwise we do crafts together inside. After some fun, we have a snack and I do some dishes. If, at this point, I haven't put the laundry in the dryer (or hung it out, if the weather is nice), I'll hopefully remember to do that! Then I start dinner.

After dinner and after the kids go to bed, I catch up on work if I haven't gotten a lot of work in during the day. If I'm all caught up, I may watch a movie or some television, or maybe play around online for a while.

While it may seem, from the above schedule, that the work of a work at home mom never stops, I actually only put in about two hours of actual paid work a day! I won't disclose how much money I make, I will say it's definitely worth the amount of work I do!