The function of the astrologer has not changed much for thousands of years. Astrologers can use astrology to foresee future events, gain a deeper understanding of an individual and their life, or offer advice on interpersonal relationships. While all look to cosmic events, the alignment of the stars and planets and other celestial features for guidance, each may employ a different method of evaluation or come to different conclusions based on their unique interpretation.

One of the most commonly known tools of the astrologer is the horoscope. Often printed in daily newspapers or online, these commercial horoscopes use the date of your birth to make predictions about the way in which your day will unfold. These horoscopes are based not on the exact date and year of your birth, as one made by a personal astrologer would be, but are instead created to cover all those who were born within a time span of a few weeks. Horoscopes remain a popular item in most newspapers, whether they are read for entertainment value or for their ability to predict what is to come.

Though the horoscopes that appear in national and local papers are generally quite broad and meant to apply to a wide readership, many astrologers who work with individuals create individual horoscopes that are far more personal. Some allow those who visit to ask specific questions that a horoscope will seek to answer, while others prefer to work without such restrictions. The information that is produced is generally designed to be much more specific, but the methods of attaining this information are largely the same. Charts of celestial activity are drawn for the date of birth of the person who is being read, or for the date of a major event in their life. This chart may then be consulted for predictive value, or to help the one being read better understand why an event transpired the way it did.

For those who prefer not to meet with an astrologer in person, there are computer programs and software packages that can allow anyone to meet with a virtual astrologer. Users may either buy these programs outright or consult with them online via pay per use packages. Often, they require little more than entering the date and place of your birth in order to draw up a personal horoscope.

Many believe that a good astrologer has the ability to give one insight into various aspects of their life and give them a window into their future. For those who believe, visits to astrologers are common before making major life decisions.