I can't even begin to tell you just how many people have approached me asking me one simple question: What exactly does it take to become a soldier? Typically, the origins of this question come from an impressionable high school, or college student, who is teetering with uncertainty about making a decision regarding their projected career path. Choosing from a plethora of viable alternatives is clearly no easy task at all, with literally hundreds of colleges, and secondary education opportunities, at their very fingertips to choose from.


Such a wealth of viable alternatives presented could, clearly, be quite overwhelming for a high school student, on the verge of graduation. I mean, this is your life we are talking about here, and no decision affecting your life should be taken lightly by any means. Of course, in the general scheme of things, most people ultimately want to end up doing something that they love and enjoy. And, let's not kid ourselves here: most individuals also want to do something they love and enjoy, also while making decent money that they can spend on "toys" for themselves and for their families.


This mentality is common, especially nowadays, where there is an increased demand to take care of a family eventually. Children can oftentimes become expensive, so, having a decent job, that you love, clearly seems to be the ultimate outcome those individuals consider when faced with such life altering decisions. As I tell people who ask, being a soldier isn't just a profession, or a job, it really is a lifestyle.


For anyone who is considering a career in the military, this written article is not meant to persuade, or dissuade, you one way or another. Instead, it is meant to give you a little insight into what it takes to become a soldier. If you do ultimately choose this career path, one must know that it isn't always fun and games. Becoming a soldier takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and so does maintaining those soldierly qualities throughout your life.


While the few weeks a new recruit spends at basic training are just part of their initial indoctrination, it is, by no means, the end to your army training. The discipline you will learn there will become second nature, and so engrained into your persona, that it typically follows you throughout your entire life on into even the most demanding of post-military careers that you may seek upon retirement.


Of course, for anyone who is contemplating the military as a career path, you don't have to just become a soldier. You could ultimately choose to enlist into one of several other branches of military service. And, even though you may hear jokes about one branch, or another, it helps to remember that all the service branches have a valuable role that ultimately serves to complement each other in their overall mission accomplishment. Without teamwork, just like anything in life, we may not be quite as efficient in achieving goals, as we would be without it.


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