Allergies can really make your life difficult, especially when the question of having a dog arises. It is true that most dogs, because of their hairs, will provoke allergies to people suffering from allergies. Does it mean that allergic people can't get a dog and have to stay far from pets forever? No! Indeed some breeds are hypoallergenic. If you suffer from chronic allergies but want to have a dog, you should choose one between these breeds.

Several ways can be used to reduce allergic reactions to dogs:

- Daily brushing
- Regular baths
- Don't let the dog go in some part of your house such as bedrooms
- Remove carpets from the house
- Wash all items that may contain saliva or animal skins
- Vacuuming and cleaning floors weekly
- Mow the dog regularly to eliminate the possible spread of allergens in the air

Now let's look at the recommended breeds for people suffering from allergies:

The Schnauzer is the first choice because he doesn't lose his hair. This dog is easy going and can be found in three different size: mini, standard and giant. Whatever his size, this dog always has short hair that can't be shed. However you will still have to groom your dog regularly in order to prevent any risks..

Another interesting breed is the Chinese Crested. This dog exists in two kinds: hairless and with powder puff. The hairless breed is the most recommended for people suffering from allergies as you may guess. This breed is very social and likes to play with kids. It is however difficult to find and you will have to make sure how to take care of this breed because it is known to have skin problems. As they have no hairs, they are subject to sunburns so you will have to take this factor into account before getting a Chinese Crested.

The miniature yorkshire terriers are wonderful dogs. In addition to having an anti-allergenic coat they do not lose their hair around the house like other dogs. It is true that their hair grows quickly and requires minimal maintenance, but how much love you make it back!

Finally the last breed you can look at is the Kerry Blue Terrier. This dog is a big dog that will make a good companion. It was used in the past as a hunter dog because of its incredible speed. In order to avoid clumping, the dog needs to be groomed every two months. By doing so the dog's hairs will not shed.

If allergy symptoms are not too critical, some people prefer to get a dog anyway. Over time, they may develop antibodies to allow their body to handle allergies. It is a possibility but it does not always work.

The best thing you could do is to visit those dogs and see how they react before deciding which one you want. Remember that the look is not the most important thing to consider. The personality of the dog is what makes him different and why you should him.