What Drives Men Away and What Attracts ThemCredit: www.aapkisaheli.com

It is in every woman’s fears to lose a man she truly loves. Some women drive men away without knowing it while some have perfected the art of keeping their men. It is important to learn what keeps a man clinging to a woman’s shoulder and what drives him away from her if you are looking for a lasting relationship. To help your relationship flourish, here’s what drives men away and what attracts them.

What Drives Men Away! Pretending to be who you’re Not…The worst mistake that most women do is acting too nicely to make Him want them. Once they have the man they wanted, reality checks in and they suddenly change into their true selves. Nothing turns men off than a woman who pretends to be who they are not. Be true to who you are since after all is said and done, you can only be you and it won’t take long before your Guy learns you having been acting up all this time and once he is aware of it, he will definitely leave you.

Being Too Clingy…It feels good to be around the Guy you love, but when you over do it, be almost certain that it won’t be long before he takes a flight. Men, just like women need space, to either attend to their issues or just to be alone. It doesn’t help wanting to be around your Guy always. Not only will your man find you as unnecessary baggage but will also think that perhaps the reason you are excessively clingy is because you have not trust in him. 

Instead of being clingy to your man find some cute love quotes to read when you are not together. Take ingenuity higher by composing sweet texts to send your boyfriend. You can for instance tell him how much you miss him. When he finds it appropriate, he will come around; going after him or nagging him won’t make it happen. 

What Attracts Men! Sexual Chemistry…The way a man’s’ brain is wired is different from the way a woman’s brain is. While you may try to deny it, a man will get attracted to a woman with whom he connects sexually. Men find sex as the ultimate weapon to a woman’s heart. They generally view having sex with a woman as a sign that she has given out her heart to them. If a man connects with you sexually, he will tend to have some attraction to you since he feels that his sexual needs are met.

Research has it that one if the one of the signs that he wants to propose but is scared is dependent on how well a man connects with his woman sexually. If a man does not feel the sexual connection between him and his woman then he may be tempted to look for other options. Take the lead when it comes to sexual matters since it’s what makes a man fall in love and commit if you do it rightly.

When a man dates a woman, they think of that woman as a potential wife and a mother of his kids. Keep your life sorted on every aspect because that how to find if he’s ever going to marry you. Women who are in control of their lives don’t have problems attracting and maintaining the right guys. 

If you learn what drives men away and what attracts them you are on a right path to finding a fulfilling relationship. Love can be a complex affair and even the most experienced may falter at times. Don’t be afraid to fall in love, the more mistakes you make the more experienced you are, the more lovable you become. However, to achieve this you must learn from your mistakes and never repeat them.