E Junkie is an online digital shopping assistant to assist retailers with making customer shopping encounters easier. The ideal outcome is by having a better overall experience than other competitors and increasing their customer base.

Merchants with an interest in selling nearly anything via the web can turn to this resource to help make the process of a customer's buying with their company easier. It’s been around since 2004 and is physically headquartered in Tucson, Arizona.

They differ from other similar industry rivals in many ways. The advantages they offer are ideal for the beginner entrepreneur as well as improving any veteran seller's organizational outlook. 

Variations from other web retailers proposing similar amenities are immediately identified, starting with installing the necessary software for processing sales transactions. This software is simple to put in and is what makes the biggest difference between them and the competition. It goes directly to how the final transactions are made whenever someone is buying something from you.

Purchase items

Whether you are conducting your professional work on a personal website, through eBay or Google Shopping, Craigslist or other online store you will see an advantage working with them.  A Shopping Cart or Buy Now button is part of a buyer’s tool kit. This button lets clients get downloads or tangible items directly from your site.

Being transported to another website to complete a sale is a big pet peeve for many people when getting any goods via the web. Customers are not interested in jumping from place to place to finish a sale. Having a merchant's selling protocol that keeps them on the same webpage is an advantage that cannot be overlooked. This source offers members the choice of doing just that. Anyone interested in paying for their merchandise and buying it in the same spot has found the answer with this particular set up.

Managing inventory

The company automates the fast and secure transport of electronic goods while keeping track of when the entire process is complete. An email notifies you and inventory is automatically managed to adjust the purchase info for this particular transaction. 

For non-digital items it controls and regulates inventory in real-time right along with automatically calculating shipping costs.

Having this necessary commodity taken care of is one less chore to do and makes your life easier while your customers are spending their money on your merchandise.


The shopping cart feature for members has built-in VAT, sales tax and calculates the cost of shipping anything.  USPS or United States Postal Service is the shipping company behind this service.

You have several options to offer such as a flat rate for getting things to their door or cart discounts. Options make for happier customers and more stress free shopping. Free delivery is one preference you can also give or even combining several promotions for unique choices which are not seen with other companies. Whenever you want to have a super sale or special promotion, switch the shipping options and choices you offer. Stand out from the crowd and design something spectacular that will catch the eye of anyone shopping around the web.

 There are a several possibilities for your business ventures when you use this service for something as simple as shipping. Surprisingly, if a person needs the same item with another retailer and you give them something back with their shipping the choice is you over a competitor every time. Even if you are offering the same things for sale at the same price, a unique or less expensive cost for getting the item to their door could be a deal maker instead of a deal breaker.


One big difference seen with using E Junkie is how you pay for it. They charge a monthly fee for what their offer you and not a per product commission. This means unlimited transactions and no separate charge for each one performed.

The cost is the same each month whether you sell one thing or one thousand. They are a “for profit” company that doesn’t need to pass on to you a commission that bites into your profits in order for them to make money. They design their business dealings to turn a profit just like you and are able to do so with their monthly fee instead of cutting into your profits. Now you can see your income rise faster with paying a one time charge each month instead an individual one for everything you sell.

Getting Set Up

Generally the setup is easy and secure. They create a simple HTML code to copy and paste. This code will build a link inside of your website instead of a pop up connection to another separate window. This makes for a stress free buying experience for persons visiting your website. Instead of performing one, two or even three different functions to complete a sale, they stay on your page and do everything in one easy step.

Every product has a special HTML coding tied to it. Copy and paste a Cart Button as well as a Buy Now one exactly where you want it on your site or other place around the web. Setting up is a breeze without having  tech savvy knowledge which is wonderful for any novice.

The Extras they give you

Another benefit users see is support for the "extras" they give you to make use of items like discount coupons, affiliate programs, impulse buys and special promotion of products (digital or tangible) for selling incentives. This is especially so for Google Shopping users.

A retailer dealing with customers who have multiple currencies for checkout will also be able to use it. It handles multiple currencies along with international accounts.

Product names and details about them in languages other than English are not an issue. Whether using another language for a download page, product description and details, messages or emails-they can handle it for you. Even a combination like an English product name with a non-English description is also not an issue without a solution.

Safe and secure transactions

Transactions for you and anyone doing business with you are safe and protected. Security precautions for digital merchandise include instantly getting an item after a sale. No waiting and worrying if delivery will take place will happen when using this service. Additionally, you do not have to verify your account and manually send out digital items which takes the precious resource of time away from you that you could spend elsewhere doing else beneficial for your company.

Every seller can rest assured they have a secure transfer since a unique link is constructed for completing each transaction  every time a customer wants to buy something from you. Each merchant is given a link which will expire immediately following a set number of hours or attempts to download that you indicate.

A valid and up to date inventory control is kept which lets you know what is happening with your sales and when they occur. This permits adjustments immediately  making the most of your time, products you offer for sale and business income.

With nearly unlimited bandwidth there is adequate control for things like a sudden spike in downloads or a buying frenzy. Since they process billions of orders in the millions of dollars each month without issue the risks of a mishap are minimal. Safeguards are in place for mishaps or out of the ordinary occurrences which could occur.  It is always better to be over prepared and not need it than under prepared and not have it.  Knowing these security measures are in place means less worry on your end.

Emails  from EJunkie details each payment and transaction processed for your data or merchandise which keeps you up to date with whats going on with your goods and earnings in nearly real-time. Any adjustments to inventory, sales, promotions or products is immediate making the most of your company resources with this type of process on hand.

Is this service for me?

If you are not sure whether E Junkie is a service that will benefit you, try it free of charge for 7 days. If this doesn’t appeal to you after the trial period, simply cancel. If after the 7 days you do see something beneficial in using them,  you are among an élite group of business ventures that have come to see a hidden gem among the thousands available in the marketplace today.

Requirements are fairly simple for sellers. You can use it with a PayPal, ClickBank, TrialPay, 2CheckOut, Authorize.net. There are not any specific types of sellers targeted by the company for their business. In addition, there are none excluded either. Any entrepreneur engaged in retailing promotions will be eligible for membership. Anything legal to market online is practical for using this resource.

Use your own payment options

Similar online favorites for the same services need their members to use only a chosen few payment options. These are choices the company uses regardless of what you personally want to offer your customers or that your company now  uses. Other companies will use software configured and installed on your server or a special SSL security certificate for each domain, but this one is different.

You have a choice of payment options for sales. The choices are more than double the average competition and there are only a few rarely used ones excluded. Additionally, a special unique software is not installed.

Use your own product layouts

Buyers are not moved to a separate page from your site to spend their monies or a page template that lists products put up for sale. You can use your own creations of pictures, layout or text with a button to complete the activity located wherever you want it on the page. After hitting it the users will stay on your page until the entire process is final.

Multiple payment options

Multiple payout methods are available for checkout. Most similar industry favorites will need you to use their payout structure. Each buyer can use whatever system you choose. If you want to offer multiple methods for checking out, you can. Whichever ones your sales accept  are available for customer payment.

They offer customers the choice of a donation as well as buying merchandise with this resource. Credit cards are also accepted. Processing credit cards are good for payments made through PayPal, Google Checkout and ClickBank or 2Checkout.

In conclusion

If you have used this particular vendor in the past for your website or blog marketing and promotion options, please share your experience with us. If you are thinking about using it, tell us why. E Junkie is set up for success and as a novice or veteran marketing sales and services it is a hot find with a number of advantages worth trying.

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