What electric guitar is good for beginners? There are many different brands of electric guitar and it can be difficult to pick out the best one if you’re a beginner to playing the guitar. Most major manufacturers such as Gibson and Fender have special models that are suited for beginners. Not only are these beginner guitars put together well, they have a reduced cost which is ideal for a new guitar player.

In this article we’ll discuss a few brands that are suited for beginners and are very good first instruments. The worst thing you want to do is go and buy a cheap no name instrument because these are usually very poorly made and difficult to play. If you end up with one of these instruments you can become frustrated and want to give up the guitar before giving the instrument a chance. With a proper first guitar that is easy to play you’ll enjoy the learning process and want to continue. Here are some electric guitars that are good for beginners.

Fender Squier Stratocaster

My first real guitar was the Fender Squier Stratocaster. This guitar is well worth buying as a first instrument and it even comes in a starter package by Fender with an amplifier and other basic accessories. While this guitar isn’t as nice as a full Fender American Stratocaster it is perfect for beginners because the neck is easy to play and it sounds great. Pair this with an amplifier and a good distortion pedal and your all set to go. I used my Squier for over ten years before replacing it with a better guitar and I got tons of use out of the guitar. 

 Be sure to get a decent hard shell case with your new guitar to protect it. Regular gig bags just don’t offer enough protection for your guitar. You can even spice up your new Stratocaster with some better pickups to improve the sound. A noise gate pedal will eliminate some of the hum from the single coil pickups on the guitar. These guitars retail for a couple hundred dollars or less.

Epiphone Guitars by Gibson

Everyone wants a brand new Les Paul but you have to break the bank to own. Thankfully for beginners Gibson makes the excellent Epiphone brand of guitar which is about as a good as a beginner guitar will get. The Epiphone is even better than some other higher priced instruments. The Epiphone Les Paul junior is perfect for those players wanting to become the next Jimmy Page. This guitar retails for just over $200.00 so it’s a very affordable option for beginners and you’ll get a great guitar to learn on. The Les Paul Junior was first introduced in 1954 and was intended as an affordable way for beginners to get the look, sound, and feel of a real Les Paul. The Special II GT has all the features of a Les Paul but also a tremolo system and it's about $330.00 dollars which is a very nice price. Those are the tow low cost brands the other Epiphones are still quite expensive but a lot less than the giant price tag of a real Les Paul.

Yamaha Pacifica

Another Stratocaster style guitar is the Yamaha Pacifica which is really one of the most affordable decent guitars you can buy. I don’t think it’s as nice as a Squier or Epiphone but this guitar is great fro younger guitar players getting their first electric guitar and a good price for the parents buying the instrument. A typical Pacifica goes for a couple of hundred dollars.

B.C. Rich

For the metal head the B.C. Rich is a good deal and they have many wicked looking models that are easy to afford. B.C. Rich Warlock electric guitar is about $300.00 depending upon where you buy it. They even have a Kerry King model of this guitar. There’s a bunch of different models all with decent prices you should check out.

Summary on Guitars for Beginners

There are plenty of nice guitars for beginners out there. You shouldn’t pay more than a few hundred for a beginner guitar because you might decide to give it up later on down the road. Make sure you buy a brand name because you’ll be getting a decent instrument you’ll be able to sell later if you feel you don’t want it.