It is such a hassle for employers whenever they receive complaints from their employees regarding workplace harassment. Such issues would not only take up their precious time, but would also slow down their operation and production. If you are an employer and you just hate harassment issues in your company, here are some things you can do to prevent such situations:

  • Create a written policy that prevents any form of harassment at work – Make a policy that prohibits harassment in the workplace. With this policy in effect, you can penalize any of your employees who is found guilty of harassment.
  • Train your managers, supervisors and HR administrators – You have to conduct anti-harassment trainings for your supervisors to make them aware of the possible causes and effects of harassment to employees.
  • Conduct in-depth investigations about harassment complaints – Once you receive a harassment complaint, you have to act on it immediately. You can check employee records and files to get more information about the concerned parties.
  • Ask legal help – If your company is located in Los Angeles, you can seek the help of a harassment or discrimination attorney in Los Angeles. It is easier and more convenient to solve a case if your lawyer lives nearby.
  • Provide protection to harassed employees – If an employee complains to you about a supervisor, you should protect him or her from retaliatory actions from the alleged harasser.

If you want to know more on how to reinforce your anti-harassment campaign, you can always ask your company attorney. You may also contact employment agencies in your area. But how would you solve a harassment complaint in case it did happen in your company? Here are the steps to resolve a harassment complaint:

  • Require the complainant to send a written complaint.
  • Conduct an investigation of the situation with the help of an attorney or a board of employees.
  • Take necessary actions to penalize the offender and pay for the losses of the complainant.

As the offender's employer, you have the option whether you would inform the authorities or not. Though more often than not, harassment cases are resolved at the company level. Just in case you are still clueless on what you need to do, you can always contact a Los Angeles labor attorney to handle the investigations for you. If you become successful in identifying and punishing the responsible individual, other employees would not dare repeat the same mistake he did.