You have moved out of your parents house (presumably), you have a job, a car, and a life. Here is a list of 5 things all single guys need to know. 

1. Ironing. No one likes a slob. Wrinkled shirts might be ok for the club, but at the office or on a date, that's a big no-no. If you don't have an iron, you can always throw that wrinkled shirt or pair of pants in the dryer with a wet towel. It takes the wrinkles right out. Worse case scenario, warm up a pot of water and run that over it a couple of times. It may sound ridiculous, but it works I did it once with a tie. Be sure not to warm the pot too much or you risk burning your clothes. 

2. Cooking . No, mirowaving pizza rolls does not count as cooking. The benefits of cooking for yourself are innumberable. For one thing cooking for yourself allows for much healthier eating and more quality food choices. Healtheir eating keeps your system clean and working efficiently. Second, ask a close girl friend about the bonus points a guy gets when she finds out he can cook. You cannot lose with this little skill. 

3. Cleaning. It seems instinctual that a reasonably intelligent person could tell when a space is clean or not. WRONG! Guys, the 'smell' test only has validity in college, even then its questionable. Cleaning your apartment takes more effort than just shoving things in a closet and organizing the ESPN and SI magazines on the coffee table. Dust, vacuum, scrub, disinfect. That is all part of it. Sorry to disappoint you, but vacuuming does require you to move the couch. 

4. Dress well. I am not a fashion guru by any stretch of the imagination, but I have the basics down. First you need a couple belts, a brown one and a black one; preferably one that isn't reversable. Avoid belts with studs, glitter, huge buckles, or white belts; you are not a rock star don't dress like it. Second, you need good foot wear. Every guy needs a good pair of sneakers, a pair of casual brown shoes,  a pair of casual black shoes, and formal brown and black shoes. Women notice these things, so even if you don't remember it counts against you when you don't match your shoes to your belt. Third, avoid the super low v-neck, no one wants to see your belly button. I've said this before, but skinny jeans are not cool, men stop wearing them. 

5. Be the man. You pay, you hold the door, you sit through her dad's awful stories and endure her sister's terrible cooking. It comes with the territory.