So you want to earn money online, you need some extra cash to pay the rent or maybe you are worried that your job won't be around that much longer, or your regular overtime has been cut back. So how do you go about making some legitimate money online? Is a thing even possible? Take the test below to start thinking about ways to make money online.

1. Do you have items around your home that you could sell?
a) The back bedroom is full of stuff that I haven't used in years - it need s a good tidy out.
b) I have a passion for collecting and I often hang out at the local yard sales - its fun for me anyway
c) I have never sold anything in my life I wouldn't know where to begin.

The correct answer is either a or b - sorry that was a bit of trick! Let me explain. Most people, especially if they haven't moved house frequently will have quite a number of items lying around which are just collecting dust. This is one of the fastest ways to make money online - use the auction house eBay and you may well be astounded by what other people will buy.

Alternatively if you are already a collector you may not have realised that the Internet is a wonderful place for collectors - whether its old beer mats or Art Deco glassware someone will be buying it online. If you can source the items in the local area and you know your subject you can do well selling on eBay. Joining up with eBay is free so really you can start making money for free online!

2. Do you have a useful skill that someone else will pay you for?
a) I am a amateur photographer with a great collection of photos - most of which are hidden on my computer.
b) I have a passion for all things technical: computer software love it alll
c) I have done a course or two at college and written reports at work I can string a literate sentence together.
d) all of the above. No wrong answers here, the answer is d!

The Internet is the easiest medium in the world to turn professional the skills you thought were just a hobby or incidental to your employment. The Internet is all about information in all its forms: images, words, videos, graphics - there is an insatiable demand for all of these.

If you can provide that need you have a skill which others will pay you for. If you can set up a website or install a blog there is a huge demand for your skills. If you like playing with software than learn the right applications and there are huge demands for your skills. Almost anyone who is a high school graduate and competent English speaker can write an article like this - and yes people will pay you for articles just like this - though I didn't get paid for this one because of my favourite methods is just coming up.

3. How do people make passive income online?
a) develop websites and get paid when a visitor clicks on an advertisement.
b) develop websites which sell other people's products and get paid a commission.
c) develop their own reports/videos/e-books and sell them via their websites
d) all of the above.

Again the correct answer is d. Not every method will work for everyone nor am I suggesting that someone just starting out should try all of them to start. In fact I think the best method is to choose one approach which appeals and continue on from there.