Silk is a fabric that has been used around the world for thousands of years. Nowadays, you can buy silk pillow cases for about 15 bucks or so. So why is silk such an amazing fabric for use in pillow cases? Stick around to find out everything you should know about silk pillow cases.

Silk Pillow Cases

Most commercially available silk is made from so-called mulberry silk. This silk is made from silkworms that eat the leaves of the mulberry tree. The most commonly available and most popular of the mulberry silks is called charmeuse. This is the softest silk you can find, and is most likely the kind of silk one thinks of when silk pillow cases comes to mind.

Silk pillow cases are hypo-allergenic naturally, so they are less likely to harbor dust or dust mites. Additionally, it is highly unlikely for mold or mildew to grow on silk pillow cases. This is great news for allergy sufferers. No longer will you wake up with a stuffy nose or puffy eyes. No more sneezing or coughing through the night because of your allergies. Silk pillow cases will allow you to sleep better and longer than ever before.

Silk pillow cases are better for the health of your face and skin because they absorb less moisture than their cotton or linen counterparts. Cotton pillow cases will absorb much of your skin's natural oils, resulting in drier skin and also a shorter lifespan for the pillowcase. Silk pillow cases allow your skin to hold onto its natural moisture, giving you more hydrated skin at the end of your sleep. This improves your skin's elasticity and gives you younger looking skin with fewer wrinkles. Speaking of wrinkles, you can forget about waking up with a big crease on the side of your face. The natural smoothness of silk will not allow this to happen.

Finally, silk pillow cases allow your hair to retain its natural sheen and luster. This is due in part because of silk pillow cases resistance to absorbing moisture. Your hair, like your face, will retain its natural moisture, making your hair healthier and more luxurious. Additionally, silk's natural silkiness allows your hair to glide over your pillow case rather than get caught and twisted. Your hair has a better night because it is free to move and flow naturally, and will look far better in the morning than if you sleep on cotton pillowcases.

Silk pillow cases are truly wonderful to sleep on. Not only are they hypo-allergenic, they leave your face and your hair in much better condition than do cotton or linen pillow cases. And you can find these wonderful silk pillow cases for very reasonable prices on the internet. Just remember to get a thread count of 400 or above, and if listed, a "momme" weight of 16-19. That just means its better quality. So get out there and buy yourself a set of silk pillow cases!