Why are you not working out? If you belong to the category of inactive persons, you undoubtedly have a overabundance of excuses for not going to work on your body while escalating your risk for many sicknesses caused by this lifestyle. It is time to analyze your explanations and the reasons of your idleness. It is suggested that adults get half-hour time of normal activity no less than five days a week.

"I have too busy schedule and no time to exercise"

This is the main reason for non-attendance to gym. If you consider that you do not have enough time you will not have it. Your inclination to work out or not to work out will result in your outturn.

According to recent survey, 75% of senior managers regularly exercise no less than three times per week. These people have an extremely hard schedule, but they find time for what they are concerned of. Make an attempt dividing your workout into several quarter-hour segments each day. The advantage is the same at the same time as allowing you to make your time more manageable.

"I hate workout"

This is one more widely held excuse to stay fastened to the couch. Even the least athletic sport-oriented person can discover a form of exercise he takes pleasure in. Here are several:

  • stretching

  • walking

  • swimming

  • golf

  • dancing

  • chores

All these actions improve health. In case you are a little more sport-oriented, discovering an activity you like should not be too tough. It is essential to uncover activities you get pleasure from in order to motivate compliance.

"I have a family to be concerned of".

Actually, healthy standard of living should include the entire family. If your children are limiting your exercising ability, add them in your everyday activities. It is advised that children get one hour of normal to high physical activity daily. You can choose among these:

  • bike riding

  • walking

  • ball games

  • playing catch

  • going to the park

  • jump rope

The activities for you to be engaged with youк youngsters really limitless.

Partaking in activity with your kids will help the whole family get together with activity requirements. Plan some of the following activities for your weekend:

  • sporting activity lessons

  • organized rides or walks

  • theme parks

"I cannot pay for a gym".

Working out at a gym is just one of numerous types of exercise accessible. You can choose from the following less expensive types of exercising:

  • swimming

  • yoga

  • bike riding

  • walking

  • volleyball

  • tennis

  • dancing

  • jogging

  • basketball

  • skipping rope

  • calisthenics

  • hiking

  • gardening

  • etc.

Above stated excuses are only justification of your own laziness; you have many options for living an active life.


At all times you can have an excuse not to engage yourself in physical activity. The effect is far too severe to delay until they transform into health problems. Start today to integrate physical activity into your lifestyle. The swing from inactivity to action takes just one day. The results will follow.