I use  the same criteria when reviewing any nurse watch. The watch ought to have specific features considering that for any nurse a good watch is definitely day-to-day requirement for you to perform the job. Usually there are some critical features that all good nurse watch ought to posses or it truly is of no use to the nurse.

The best nurses watch need to have a moving second hand that is easy to see both the second hand plus the second marks on the watch. It truly is extremely hard to take a pulse reading on any kind of watch it does not possess a seconds hand or second marks which are easy to see.

Generally a nurse watch will need to have the date function. Almost any practicing nurse realizes that a nurse should know the date to help fill out the nurse’s charting.

 A nurse watch needs to be easy to see in poor light. The watch face plate should be light in color and it is even better if the watch has a night light built in.

The watch needs to be water repellent. It has to able to tolerate getting liquids upon it. It can be desirable is that the nurse watch is either water proof or simply water resistant. A nurse will be washing their hands and wrists numerous time through shift. There is a likelihood that the nurse will probably come in contact with various other liquids and so being water proof or resistant in a significant plus.

The watch should be very easily cleaned every single day. There is no telling precisely what the watch may come in contact with, therefore, the nurse will want to keep it hygienic. Certain materials will not end up being an easy task to wash. Should the watch includes a great deal of really difficult to reach areas as well as crevices due to structure, this can make it challenging to keep the watch cleaned, not to mention hygienic. Keep away from any kind of complex buckles, fasteners and clasps mainly because these are typically tricky to decontaminate adequately and can possibly be spots for bacteria to hide.

This watch may possibly end up being your each day watch, but in general you won’t want to shell out too much on the watch that is really simply a tool designed for work. On the flip side, considering that it can be a much-needed tool, you should not go too cheap and end up blowing money.