You’re in love, and that’s wonderful.  There’s no greater feeling in the world.  The next question is:  how do you show it?  And a very reliable answer is:  beautiful romantic flowers. The next step, then, is to buy the right flowers, the ones that let her know how special she is to you.  Which flowers of romance speak most to her?  Which of the many flower bouquets that are available say “I love you” the clearest, the most passionately?   The classic choice is, of course, roses.  But do you get a bouquet, or a single one?  Which color?  Do you mix in other flowers?  Which vase should you get?  So you scour online flower delivery services, looking for the one that says what you want to say best.

Red roses are passionate.  White roses signify innocence.  Yellow roses are for friendship (which is, after all, a very important aspect of love).  Orange roses imply enthusiasm.  Lavender roses express love at first sight.  Pink roses tell her of your perfect happiness.  And mixing two rose colors together, such as red and white, signify unity or perhaps even an engagement.

But maybe you’re looking for something less classic, more engineered toward her specifically.  Did you know there are birth month flowers?  Each month has its own special flower, just as its own special birth stone.  A March birthday, for example, enjoys the beauty of the daffodil, whereas a November birthday basks in the wonder that is the chrysanthemum.  Your card to send with your flowers is practically written!

Another factor to consider is the occasion during which you’re expressing your love.  Obviously “just because” flowers are great, but is this to show you love her on her birthday?  On your anniversary?  And what time of year are we talking about?  There are particular bouquets that are just right for birthdays, and each anniversary has a different flower to signify it.  A second year anniversary flower, for example, is a white carnation; a twelfth year anniversary flower is a sunflower.

Additionally, each flower has its own deeper meaning, so you can find one that matches her personality or your particular relationship as closely as possible.  An orchid symbolizes love and beauty; a daisy represents innocence and purity.  And different colors of different flowers have can be even more different in meaning.  Although hyacinths are generally attributed to the Greek god Apollo and signify games and sports, a purple one specifically begs forgiveness, while a white one implies loveliness.  If you want the flower to say something specific to your love, a little research doesn’t hurt!

But most importantly, the best way to say I love you is to show her you know her and listen to her.  Whichever flower you choose can prove to her that the above is true.  She’s special, she’s the one, she’s the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.  So make sure you pick out the perfect flower bouquet on this momentous occasion:  telling her, without reservation, that you love her.