The fact of the matter is that there are a great variety of foods that have gluten. Some of these food items might surprise you. Because there are so many people, with more being discovered each day, that have a gluten allergy or gluten sensitivity, it can be helpful to have a handy list identifying what foods contain gluten. It is important to check the gluten content of any "mystery" food because a number of the foods on this list are surprising. I call these the foods with "hidden" gluten and becoming familiar with them can save you a lot of digestive trouble down the road.

What foods contain gluten?

The first step to identifying gluten containing foods is to become familiar with what gluten is and where it is commonly found. The most likely place to locate gluten is food is in grain and cereal products. Because of the fact that gluten is protein that provides many food products with a number of their key traits, you can use knowledge of these traits to come to an approximation of whether a particular item has gluten in it. For instance, all bread (unless it is gluten free bread) contains gluten and it is that gluten which gives bread its doughy texture and elasticity. A good rule of thumb for eyeball approximations is simply to consider whether a food product has these characteristics, namely doughy-ness and toughness to the chew. If it does then you may want to consider avoiding the food as it likely contains gluten.

But, while it can be helpful to know what the give-aways of gluten are, the only way to be entirely sure that a food does not contain gluten is to check online and see if that food contains gluten. I want to provide a list of some of the most common foods containing gluten, however it is very important that you look further if a food item is not present on this list. There are many websites online which provide extremely thorough lists of gluten containing foods which, for space reasons, I could not duplicate in this article.

List of Foods Containing Gluten

- Pretzels (all varities)
- Pasta (bleached and whole grain)
- Rolls and biscuits
- Bagels
- Muffins
- Bread
- Pudding (Yorkshire, Sponge)
- Crusts for pies (and other pastry items)
- Pancakes
- Dessert style apple toppings
- Bread stuffing and dressing
- Cornbread
- Pizza dough
- Bran
- Cereal (breakfast variety)
- Certain beers and alcoholics drinks
- Dessert cakes
- Ketchup

The fact that Celiac disease (and gluten intolerance) affect millions of people, gluten remains a health concern for a very sizable minority of the Western population. For instance, in the United States there are at least 2 million (and some estimates are as high as 5 million) people who can not properly process gluten in their digestive systems. And simply avoiding the list of the foods that I have mentioned will not entirely solve the problem.

There are a number of what I call hidden gluten foods that many people are not aware of. The fact that these foods, which are not commonly listed in gluten food lists causes me to give them the name "hidden" gluten containing foods. Let's look at some of these food item.

What foods contain gluten that you might not realize?

- Most boxed soups
- Meat substitutes or imitations
- Soy sauces (and other high sodium Easter condiments)
- Filler containing sausage-type products
- Boxed gravy mix
- Dill pickles
- Stock cubes of broth flavoring
- Malt Vinegar

The items that I have listed above will, in most circumstances, contain gluten. As you are probably becoming aware, gluten is in many types of foods and is not solely concentrated in the grain and bread family. This makes eating choices somewhat difficult for gluten intolerant individuals. However, as long as you remain on your toes, you will be successful in sticking to a gluten free diet.