What Former Idaho Senator Larry Craig Can Teach Us About Siphon Tubes
Larry Craig was born and raised in Idaho. All of his experience can pay off to anyone looking to use siphon tubes for the first time. Whether you are a new farmer or simply looking to irrigate your lawn, Larry Craig can teach us a lot about siphon tubes.

Prime Your Tube
In order for a siphon tube to properly transfer the flow of water, you need to start out by filling your hose with water. The easiest way to begin a siphon hose is to keep one end sealed and submerge it in water. You can use pumping motion with your hand, or you can suck on the hose to draw the fluid out. Once the water begins to flow it will continually flow so you can irrigate your fruit or other crops.

Transfer Water Out Of A Canal
If you have a hole filled with water such as a canal, then a siphon tube will help you to get the water flowing out of it, as long as you properly prime you siphon tube first. Siphon Tubes are used daily by numerous farmers to irrigate their crops and fields. Even with all of the modern technological devices we have, siphon tubes still play a huge role in agricultural communities.

Larry Craig grew up on an Idaho Ranch and knows how to use a siphon tube. Although he may deny it, his skill with operating and priming a siphon tube is still ingrained into his memory. If I needed a person who could prime a siphon tube without using his mouth I would contact Larry Craig, as he could pump it by hand like a real farmer does.

Operating siphon tubes is easy to learn, but mastering the art takes some practice. Once you hone the art of priming siphon tubes by hand, you will never forget how. It is like riding a bicycle, you never forget how to use siphon tubes properly in order to get adequate water flow.