Just a few generations before us, women were faithful to only one fragrance. They chose a common fragrance, that doesn’t stand out, and used it in all occasions: from youth to the older age. Now fragrance industry has an unlimited variety of scents, irresistible to any woman. Only this year, more than 2500 new fragrances were released on the market.

Modern women of our society have a busy schedule. Each morning, this woman goes to gym, then to office where she has some important meetings, in the evening she might have a romantic dinner, or just going out with the girls. What fragrance to use for each of these moments? What fragrance to use if you’re going to a wedding or a party?

Fragrance for work and office

A fragrance can easily define your business style. This fragrance has to be energizing, but still conservative. Most fragrances available on the market are too strong for office, so choose carefully. Oriental type, especially those with patchouli and sandalwood, are a big no-no, because this scent is too strong and it will bother your colleagues. Floral and fruity fragrances can also be irritating. Citrus type works best for office. It’s light, refreshing and lively.

Fragrance for an important meeting

In any woman’s life there are decisive moments that change her life. It can be a hard exam, or an interview for a dream-job, also meeting your loved one’s parents. It these moments you need to feel self-confident and relaxed. That’s why it’s important not to choose a new fragrance you’re not used to. It can distract your thoughts and you’ll not concentrate. Use your favorite fragrance. One that makes you feel comfortable and powerful. A fragrance that is in perfect harmony with your skin is a fragrance of success.

Fragrance for celebration

For this occasion it is recommended to use strong fragrances, with deep notes. It has to be outstanding, so by wearing it you will instantly stand out from the crowd. Sweet floral or strong oriental scent is ideal for special evenings. But I’ll give you a tip thou: if you’ll be wearing an extravagant outfit, avoid strong flavors. Slightly sweet, fresh scent will be enough. Exceptions make brides of course, which should have both outfit and perfume remarkable.

Fragrance for dinner

It is known that our olfactory scent is deeply connected with the gustatory one. So, if you go to a dinner, avoid using strong fragrances, because that will be unpleasant. Use an easier scent and don’t put too much.

Fragrance for sports and traveling

When working out or traveling it is advised to use a relaxing, fresh and comfortable scent. Avoid everything deep. When traveling, you might be in small spaces surrounded by people, like in a plane or a car. Use a light and cheering aroma, maybe the one you’re using for work.

Fragrance for romantic date

If you’re going to have a romantic evening, don’t exaggerate with the perfume. It should have a soft, romantic and clean nature. Sandalwood and musk are great if they’re added in composition.

Day and night fragrance

There is a new trend in fragrance industry to make the same fragrance in two options: one for day and one for night. Basically, it is the same scent, but modified in a genius way. The fragrance for day is more energizing and lively and the night one is relaxing and soft. The best thing about these fragrances is that you can wear one after the other, without worrying that they don’t fit each other.