Casino Freebies

Las Vegas is a city known as a place where you can get almost anything for the right price, but surprisingly sometimes the right price is free. There more than a few things that you can get in Las Vegas without having to pay for them; it is not something that you would find at the 99 cent store either. Casinos love to bring in people and to do so they will throw some goodies and services your way. In most cases you simply need to ask for those things to get them. Here are some of the things which are free in Sin City if you look in the right place.


As long as you are playing the drinks at the casinos are on the house. The reason that you get your drinks without having to pay for them is that the casinos get to keep you at the tables or machines for a longer time. Of course once you get your drink you are not obligated to keep playing, you can simply wander around the casino and take in the sights.

Keep in mind that just because the drink is free it does not mean that you do not have to tip. Tipping is something you should do if you want the waitresses to keep bringing you booze. Also make sure that you do not drink too much and start throwing money at the games or you will lose your shirt fast.

Free Rooms

You should sign up for a player’s club the moment that you get to the casino, because that will help you get free stuff. One of the best freebies that you can get is rooms for your stay when you come back to Las Vegas. Of course to get a room for free you will need to stay active as a active player so that it is worth it for the casino to give you such a reward. Even if you were not to get a free room it is very likely that they will send you great promotions for future visits (even if you never played much).

Smaller Items

Other freebies that you can get simply for signing up for your players’ club card are smaller items like t-shirts, key chains, mugs and even playing credits. These are smaller items but they are mostly a good souvenir to bring back home. Even if those items are smaller you still did not have to pay for them and that means that you are already winning. The playing credits are exciting because you may even win something without ever using your own money. That is the best gambling that you can do because even though your odds will decrease you are still playing with money you did not have when you first arrived.


Shows are one of the best freebies that you can get in Las Vegas, and they are also easy to get. Sometimes your players’ card will get you discounts, but it is possible to get show tickets free of charge. This is especially true on slower nights when the casino wants to get more people in the theater. All that you need to do is ask the floor manager while you are playing if tickets are available. Some casinos will give the manager tickets to give to the patrons so if you have played for a while at the casino and tickets are available they may give you a couple of them. Make sure that you are nice so that you have a better chance of getting them.


If you play long enough at a casino using your players’ card you could get a discount or even a free meal at the casino. In some cases you will also get a coupon in your room for a free meal or a “buy one/get one free offer”. The older casinos are more likely to give you these types of rewards because they make it easier to accumulate points on your card. No matter how many points you have accumulated, you should always make sure to give your card at the casino restaurants to see if you have enough for discounts or free food.

Airport Transfers

Some travel companies offer airport transfers for a small fee, but why pay for it when you can get it at no cost to you. There are a few casinos which will give you free transportation via shuttle and those include The Flamingo, The Palace Station, Sunset Station, La Quinta Inn Airport, M Resort, Sun Coast, South Point, El Cortez and others. It is also important to know that if your hotel is not on the strip it may have a free shuttle to take you there. That can save you taxi money and make your visit a lot easier. To find out if your hotel has a free shuttle service simply ask them by phone before your arrival; you will then have to call once you have landed at the airport.

If you want to enjoy Las Vegas while saving more money then take a look at the tips described here

Casino freebies are as good as money