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10 Things that Women Look for in a Man

Out there, there are good guys and a keeper. Not all guys are a keeper nor is a good find, so better belong in this category so that every girl would want to be with you.

It is for a fact that guys are so clueless on what girls look for a man.

There are times that us girls become naturally drawn to some guys while we also withdraw on others.

Ever wonder what makes a guy special from the rest of the pack? I could tell you a lot of reasons on the difference between the two but I will only narrow it down to 10.

Now, don't think that the list would comprise of something that is easy to do. I will tell you as early as now that the list is a bit intimidating but don't whine. Like you, we also would only want the best from your specie.

Now, let's get moving and discuss what makes a guy special.

1. Someone who respects us

Sounds easy enough right? But honestly, do truly respect our girlfriend or wife?
In general, you guys tend to think highly of yourselves and always assume that you are way better than your partner in every aspect. If you only think of your partner as a wonderful accessory in your arms, then how can you think that you respect her?

Respect is something that has to be earned, but not unless you admit to yourself that your partner is also an achiever and even at some ways better than you then you could never respect her. 

2. Someone who will really love us

Yes, you can always give your partner extravagant things and luxurious trips, but let me remind you that that's not how you define love. True and everlasting love is shared constantly via small acts in a daily basis. No need for PDA's or cuddling everytime. Just reassure your partner how much she means to you every now and then. 

When you are really inlove with your partner, compromising and pleasing each other comes so natural. Do you truly care about what she feels? Are interested to hear what happened to her on that day when she gets back home? Do you really look forward to spend quality time with her after a hard day's work or you are more excited about your computer games or tv? It is the littlest of things that really matters, and take note, actions really do speak louder than words.

3. Someone who is capable of protecting us

We, as independent as we may be, would still adore to be with someone who we can rely on when things get too tight. We would truly want to feel taken cared of & being protecteed no matter what. Are you that guy? Does your partner trust that you can handle any scene you get into?

4. Someone who we can look up to

Do you have an idol or someone who you look up to? I guess every guy has one role model, may it be an athlete, business tycoon, a fighter, politician, etc... You look up to them since these people made a lot of difference and inspired you to become a better person. If you want to really know what a girl want in her guy, be someone who can inspire others.

No need to earn millions or billions (though that would be great if you can) or win a Nobel piece prize, yet if you could be a guy who can make a difference in your own small way then you could be that man that she wants. Be a good conversationalist, great speaker, wonderful basketball player, or just about anything that comes handy in your life. So long as your girl is impressed with your skill, she will then brag it to her friends and will dearly love you more for it.

5. Someone who is passionate.

I am not just referring in bed but in everything that you guys believe in. Passionate guys are very inspiring and somehow mysterious, and we just adore that.

You don't care about Jack Sparrow and his adventures or an explorer in the Amazon however there is something about these men that really draws in women. You may never understand it but one thing is for sure, they are really passionate on what they are doing and this is a big plus to us. So guys, be passionate about something that has meaning, may it be in your career, hobby, etc...and for sure your girl will adore you for the passion & excitement that you will be bringing into her life.

6. Someone who we can depend & trust
A guy who we can trust and is also dependable is definitely a keeper since it is hard to find. I am not saying that others are not dependable nor trustworthy, it is simply just they don not care enough about things around them and take things seriously.

What we are looking for in a guy is actually dependability. Somehow like our father in a way: who we can run to whenever things don't go accordingly and will tell us that all will be fine.

A dependable guy would never let his partner down may it be during grocery shopping or helping her fix something at the house or some basic household chores. Becoming that kind man doesn't require any supenatural powers nor do you need to have all the answers. All you have to do is be there for her when she needs help.

7. Someone who is chivalrous

Yes I know, chivalry is so old news but it is something that we never cease to adore in a man. I truly believe that you guys know how to be chivalrous, but you are avoiding it thinking that it is a sign of being meek & trying too hard to please. On the contrary, chivalry is not and never will be a sign of weakness, it is one of the true signs of respect on both sides. 

8. Someone who can groom himself & hygeinic
Let us go back to the fundamentals here. You guys want a drop-dead gorgeous woman: coca cola body, a guru in bed, an amazing talker and more! And what do you have to offer to her? A look alike of Homer Simpson? Really now?

Look now, the world can play fair as long as you are fair as well. One of the major things that we want from a man is attractiveness. If you want to be with a very pretty girl then you must also do your best in order to look good too. Go to the gym, jog or anything that works for you in order to keep you fit. Dress nicely and use cosmetics if needed (e.g. facial wash, spot corrector) and nice smelling colognes/perfumes. Appear like a star on the street and girls will flock unto you like a true celebrity!

9. Someone who is ambitious
True, ambitious guys are often the laughing stock of the crowd but when they make it to the top, they are the one who will be quietly saying: 'who's laughing now?'

It is very easy to be ambitious but not unless you work your butt off towards that goal every day, no one will going to care who you are. When you say an ambitious guy, it does not entail a person who thinks of amazing things, he is a guy who do great things. Become this guy and a lot of woman would deifinitely fall for you. Each girl out there likes a guy who dreams big and be able to reach it. If you are this kind of guy, then you are on top of your specie and thus becomes Mr. Right!

10. Someone who dreams
A dreamer is something a woman wants in her man, may it be on bed experimenting things, a guy who envisions his wonderful future, or simply a guy who is capable of sharing magical/adventurous stories while laying down on the grass watching that stars with his loved one. We girls love a guy who has an active imagination. Imagination is one great companion at the end of a tiring day, or while spending quality time together. It is joyful, relaxing and sheer bliss. And it is a fact that imaginative guys creates the best surprises, most interesting conversations and the most enjoyable moments in life. Which woman would not want such a guy right?

I know most of you guys reading this would think that these 10 traits are kind off demanding and even farr off. However as surprising as it may be, all these things are bestowed on every guy on earth. It is just that you guys don't believe enough in yourselves to be the best man that you could possibly be.