By not paying your gas and electricity bills you are not only risking the company coming to cut off your services you are also risking a poor credit rating which is likely to follow you around for a long time into the future.

Having your utilities cut off is a very extreme measure that most suppliers will try to avoid if at all possible. If you find you are having financial difficulties you should contact your supplier as soon as you can to try to make some kind of arrangements to pay. You will find that they would prefer to take smaller monthly amounts from you to chip away at your debt than to not get any money from you at all.

Time to Bite the Bullet

If you are a householder who receives his bill quarterly, you have been unable to pay your last bill and your next bill is due any day, there are systems that will help you to pay for the energy you have used. You have been receiving reminders for payment from your utility company and you are worried that they will cut off your gas or electricity supply, and you have concerns that they will take you to court for payment.

It could be that your gas and electricity suppliers are not the only ones you owe money to and you just want to bury your head in the sand and pretend the nightmare is not happening. This is the wrong thing to do.

Your Credit Score

All instances of non-payment of bill will be recorded on your credit reference file. At this very moment in time that might be the last thing on your mind, it might seem really unimportant.

However, any instances of non-payment that are recorded tend to stay on the file for up to 6 years, even if the debt is cleared quickly. A lot can happen in 6 years, you might want o to move home.

Buying a house means a credit search, even renting a home these days’ means you are subject to a credit search. These black marks against your name can ruin that for you. It could mean that a company will take the risk and allow you a mortgage to cover your purchase but at a higher rate than normal as you will be perceived as a high risk customer.  

Avoid all That

You do not need the added worry of what will happen in the future. If you do not pay your bill it could have far reaching consequences.

 Call the gas or electricity company as soon as you can. They are there to help, and there are many solutions that you may not even have considered. The company will have seen and heard everything and their customer service team will be trained to handle your particular situation.

Many people fall into financial difficulties for a wide number of reasons, loss of job, sickness even divorce can all put a massive strain on a normally comfortable household budget.

Possible Solutions

It might help you to change your billing to monthly instead of quarterly; it might even be wise to get a pre-payment meter instead.

Utilities companies may issue you a payment card so you can continue with your quarterly billing but make small payments each week or month on the card which will then come off your bill.

The key is to make sure you contact them early enough to fix the problem before it becomes too bad. Gas providers deal with problems like yours every day and they will help you to find a wasy to pay.

If it gets to the point where you are being taken to court or being cut off without making any effort to contact them to make arrangements to sort out the problem, it might be too late to receive any kind of help from them.

It is a situation that can be avoided and be less stressful for everyone involved.