Many mothers wonder what goes on in their bodies before birth and what their little one looks like. It is very interesting to know what your baby looks like and how he is developing before he enters the world. These are just general and average facts of things that happen in the womb. It is still important to go to your Doctor appointments even if you don't have any questions to make sure your baby is healthy. This is also just a shortened list of things that happen. To understand how your baby is fully developing it is important to contact your Doctor.

During the first month (the first 28 days) of your pregnancy:

-Egg moves down the fallopian tube until it reaches the uterus

-Heart muscles form a heartbeat

-The tube that creates the spine and brain begins to form

-Arm and leg buds start to form and may have started to form even before you found out that you were pregnant

During the Second Month:

-Embryo is smaller than 1/4 inch long

-The umbilical cord will begin to develop which provides nutrients for your baby

-Eyes start to develop

-Face forms

-Blood starts to produce from liver (circulatory system)

-Heart and brain are very large compared to the rest of the body

During the Third Month

-Embryo turns to a fetus (Your baby is now starting to look more like a baby.)

-Everything starts to fit into place as their body becomes the right size for their head and vice versa

-Capable of making twitching movements

-Have finger and foot prints (This means that the fetus already has DNA.)

-Genital parts begin to develop but still can't tell gender

-Mouth and eyes start to develop but remained sealed until the ninth month

During the Fourth and Fifth Month:

-Fetus is about 3 inches long

-It's usually possible to tell the gender at this point although sometimes it is still unknown

-Slippery and white coating covers the baby

-At the end of the month the baby will start to grow very rapidly

-Ears start to form but cannot hear yet

-Eyebrows and eyelashes form

-Fine hair covering grows on head

-Taste buds start to form

During the Sixth Month:

-Fetal growth starts to slow down as baby fully develops

-The genital area of a baby starts to grow larger

-Starts hearing outside noises (it is beneficial to start playing music, reading books and talking to the baby around this month.)

During the Seventh and Eighth Month:

-Fetus turns upside down and gets ready for delivery

-Labor can start as well as false contractions

-Fetus is able to grasp with a tight grip.

-Skin becomes less wrinkled and baby starts to slim down

-Eyes have developed so greatly that they can now dilate

Knowing what is happening inside your body is very interesting and important to know. It is also important to know what your pregnancy symptoms are. Talk to your Doctor so you are aware of the symptoms that you should be experiences. It is significant call your Doctor immediately with any unusual symptoms that you may be having.