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The best funny videos are those that make you laugh. And who doesn’t love to have a great laugh. It’s cathartic. It’s happy. It’s contagious. It’s a great substitute for sit ups. But what happens in real life when laughter hits you at an inappropriate time (imagine funeral)? You laugh even harder, right? The more you try to control it the more it breaks you up. Now imagine you’re on TV reporting the news. The whole world (and your boss) is watching you laugh when you’re supposed to be serious. Mortifying? Embarrassing? Maybe. It also makes for some of the most awesomely best funny videos!

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Funny Video Clip #1: Fashion is Funny

Funny looking fashion comes and goes (remember the 80’s anyone?). Every year designers converge upon Paris to unveil what they hope will be the latest fashion trend. Rail thin models in sky-high heels, walking down a runway. It’s an accident waiting to happen. And when it does, for better or worse, we can count on news reporters to let us know about it. This is one of those funny video clips that quickly turn hilarious, in this case due to the model’s.… fashion stumble.

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Funny Video Clip #2: Laughter is Universal

It doesn’t matter what language you speak, laughter is universal. It’s also universally contagious. This next video is in Russian, but you don’t need to speak Russian to cramp your sides in laughter. Lucky for us there are subtitles which make it even funnier. This news reporter is having an impossible time getting through her lines because the story details are like a set up for a bad joke. As you read along with the subtitles you can tell that her uncontrollable laughter is being driven by the picture she has in her head about the incident. Her producers may have been annoyed that she couldn’t keep it together, but us video voyeurs are thrilled to have more funny video clips.

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Funny Video Clip # 3: Yes. Another Funny Cat Video

The next news reporter is no crazy cat lady, but she knows a funny cat video when she sees it. The “news” story is ridiculous and the reporter knows it. The story is about an old, overweight kitty cat whose owner sends her to a resort to drop some pounds. The cat is lassoed into a flotation vest and is wet and bedraggled after her stint in the pool. I would have found the story silly had it been told straight-faced. Hearing the reporter fail to keep it together turned it into one of the best funny video clips.

Funny Video Clip # 4: Fake Reporting is Funny Too

This final video clip is hilarious in part because so many people believe that it is real, even after that myth has been publicly disputed by the creators. The premise of the funny video is that a talk show host is interviewing people whose operations have gone wrong. A male guest’s voice is unusually high-pitched after a botched throat surgery and the host can’t keep it together. The people are speaking Flemish, but it is subtitled. However, you’d get the shtick even without it. Although it’s not real, it’s just as funny if you suspend your disbelief for a few minutes and imagine what it would be like if it actually happened.  I hope you enjoyed the videos clips. My stomach is now ripped, thank you very much.