It wasn't until my husband and I remodeled our kitchen and added a breakfast bar(which we really enjoy, by the way) that we learned that bar stools are not one size fit all. We set out one day to take a look around town and see if we could find some breakfast bar stools we liked, only to discover that bar stools came in lots of different sizes and we didn't know what size we needed. If you are like we were, I hope the following information will help you out.

Kitchen bar stools we learned, are available in several different sizes. These sizes are measured by seat height. Two of the sizes that are most commonly used in kitchens are called bar height and counter height.

Counter height bar stools are used with bars that are the same height as most kitchen counters which is about thirty six inches. These counter height stools typically have a seat height of twenty four to twenty eight inches.

Bar height stools(which we learned were what we needed)are used with bars that are several inches taller than counter height and measure around forty two inches from the floor. The seat height of these bar stools average around thirty inches, but can fall somewhere in the range of twenty nine to thirty one inches.

While not usually used at breakfast bars or islands, there is another common bar stool height that you may be interesed in. This is known as the bistro height or extra tall bar stools. These, as the name suggests, are used with the increasingly popular bistro style tables that are around four feet tall. The seat height for the bistro bar stools is somewhere in the three foot range.

The last option as far as size goes are adjustable height bar stools. These bar stools allow someone who is taller or shorter than average to be as comfortable as anyone else by adjusting their distance from the bar counter top. Because of the mechanism involved in adjusting the height, there bar stools are often more expensive than a bar stool with a fixed height.

If you are like we were and are unsure about what size kitchen bar stools you need, you should simply measure from the floor to the top of your bar counter. Once you have that measurement, you can shop knowing that the bar stools you select will work perfectly in your kitchen.