There are numerous myths and supposed remedies for the aftermath of a hard-drinking night- a.k.a. the hangover. From eating pasta before bed, to sipping on more alcohol in the morning, here are 12 common "fixes" for the worst hangovers.

First bit of information: A hangover IS a big deal no matter if you think it is or isn't, it's the body's reaction to being poisoned with alcohol. While the hangover may seem harmless, it's actually caused by a mess of brain chemicals caused by alcohol consumtion and leads to the headache, nausea, coton mouth, and weakened immune system-which can open the door for serious illnesses if someone continually consumes alcohol on a regular basis.

Secondly, hangovers do not treat genders equally-females may actually have worse reactions to alcohol beccause of tinier frames with less muscle mass. It is also believed that men also have more water content in their physical make-up, which dilutes alcohol more than in a female body.

Thirdly, just because someone only has one or two drinks every once-in-a-while, it does NOT mean that a binge drinker is more apt for a hangover. Getting a hangover depends on one's body composition, and how the alcohol effects their brain. Simply drinking water (contrary to some people's opinions) in between alcoholic drinks will keep one's body hydrated and lessen the chancs of a hangover or eliminate one altogether!

Fourth on this list, wine isn't the nicest alcoholic beverage, wines actually contain compounds called tannins that could cause headachs in some. Whiskey and other malt drinks are also hard on the body and brain when it comes to hangovers as well. The best choices when trying to avoid hangovers are beer and clear liqors such as gin or vodka.

Fifth myth, diet drinks are safer than other drinks is a false claim. It's scientifically proven that fruit drinks and other drinks with sugar ward off hangovers better than diet drinks by far.

Sixth, ever heard, "Liqour before beer, never fear"? Well that's wrong. It really doesn't matter the order, rather the amount an individual drinks. Before a hangover, a persons body will try to expel the "poison" making it function incorrectly, the point at which someone's body decides to start this process depends on what alcohol is consumed and the amounts consumed at one time. However, the order you drink liqour and beer can determine how much you do drink though. If you start with a cosmo and switch to beer for the rest of the evening-you will drink less, But if you start with beer,and then start hammering shots-you put yourself on the fast track to sickness and a horrid hangover.

Seventh, some of you may have heard that eating carbs before bed will ward off the morning hangover, but its wrong on two levels. First off, eating anything before bed, after drinking, won't help you much at all-eating before you drink WILL help absorb alcohol before the body has a chance to take it in. Secondly eating proteins and fats like a steak or pizza before drinking while help your chances of warding off the hangover process. If you really want to consume anything before bed-drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Eighth, avoid taking acetaminophen after a night of drinking for two reasons: one, alcohol consumption makes the liver process this pain killer incorrectly and could lead to liver damage! Two, most pain killers peak after four hours, so it would be better to take some after waking up rather than before bed.

Ninth, alcohol aids in sleeping-wrong. Alcohol consumption can make one so sick that they cannot fall asleep-or stay asleep. And while it may make one fall asleep, it disrupts the natural REM sleep cycles and leaves that person tired the next day.

Tenth myth, wake up cocktails keep hangovers from striking is false. The body enters the hangover process when the blood-alcohol levels are at zero, simply drinking a wake-up cocktail will only postpone the body's natural process.

Eleventh myth, coffee will not stop a hangover. If fact, coffee will make the already dehydrated state of the body worse. Instead of caffeine, one should drink water or something that will replenish natural electrolytes.

Lastly, herbal remedies are not proven to cure hangovers. If you have ever heard of taking a prickly pear cactus supplement, or artichoke pill to cure hangover symptoms, they probably aren't going to help. The only cure for a bad hangover is water and patience.

If you ever plan on drinking heavily its recommended to stay safe, eat proteins and fats before drinking, and drink PLENTY of water during and after drinking to keep yourself from suffering the next morning!