The P90X 90 day home fitness program is one of the most popular exercise programs there is. With thousands of happy customers who have used the program to go from couch potato to ripped Adonis. Maybe not in 90 days, but after a few rounds of the brilliant P90X they have achieved the body of their dreams.

When it comes to training successfully with this program there are a few very important pieces of equipment that you will need to complete the program. Let's take you through exactly what you will need to use this 90 day fitness program correctly and reach your goals.

Equipment needed for the P90X 90 day home fitness program

equipment needed for the p90x 90 day home fitness workout routineThe first item that you will need is a good quality chin up bar. It would also be a wise move to buy one which also allows you to use the device to do elevated push ups as well. This is so important because doing exercises such as pull ups and push ups is a big part of the P90X workout program. Beachbody the company behind this 90 day fitness program have their very own pull up bar which is specially designed with grips from every angle needed to complete the workout. It may be a little bit more expensive than the lesser known brands, but what you will find is that these cheaper models are made with inferior parts.

Like I just mentioned push ups are a big part of the P90X workout program, but standard push ups are not going to cut it if you want to turn from couch potato to ripped up Adonis. Probably the best and most effective way to do push ups is using the perfect push up bars. This fairly inexpensive piece of home gym equipment is going to hit your upper body muscles from every angle and is going to allow you to drop down those extra few inches when doing your push ups.

The P90X workouts are done from DVD'S so its very important that you do the workouts in a clutter free room on a good quality yoga or gym mat. This workout program is hard and intense so it would be wise to spend that little bit more on a good quality mat that will allow you to train hard for many years to come.

More equipment that you will need to complete the P90X workout routine

The P90X involves a lot of resistance training, so the best and most effective piece of home gym equipment for this is a set of adjustable dumbbells. But this program requires quick changing of dumbbells and everyone hasn't got the room to house a full rack of dumbbells. Don't worry there are lots of all in one adjustable dumbbells such as the bowflex 552 adjustable dumbbells. Owning these dumbbells is like having 15 different pair of dumbbells, all you do to change the weight is turn a dial at the end of the dumbbells. Weight changing is quick and easy and done within seconds.

If lifting heavy weights isn't your thing, you can still do the P90X program using resistance bands. Again this is another piece of very cheap home gym equipment and you can now pick up a full set of different resistance bands for just a few dollars now. Again though, the quality of these cheaper bands are a little inferior. And this is a piece of gym equipment that you really need to be high quality for your own safety whilst using them.

How to monitor the pace of your P90X workouts

Monitoring the pace of your P90X workouts is so important to you if you are to move forward and get the most out of this brilliant 90 day fitness program. The way that you do this is by monitoring your heart rate using an heart rate monitor. Only a few short years ago this item was so expensive to buy. But like everything else electronic the prices have dramatically gone down. Good heart monitor manufacturers in the marketplace are Polar and Garmin and when you buy from them you are ensured of an high quality and very accurate product.

The last pieces of equipment you will need to complete the P90X 90 day fitness program

Last but not least, you are going to need things for your kitchen. The P90X workout routine requires that you eat a set diet. So it's very important that you have got these kitchen items to get you started with your new diet plan. You will need digital scales and measuring cups so that you know how much food you are eating. You will also need a blender or some sort of mixing device so that you can quickly and easily mix your protein shakes and other delicious tasting smoothies whilst on the P90X diet plan.